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You may be surprised to learn that Ron and Debi began the same way as many of us—in their kitchen. They happened upon Sandy Maine’s, The Soap Book, and, interested in a natural, healthy lifestyle, they decided that making their own soap was another way of practicing not only better living for themselves, but something better for the environment.

They began selling their soap and soon found themselves outgrowing their kitchen and moving to the barn. Ron and Debi knew that they needed to find easier, more efficient ways to manufacture their soap, so they developed quicker and more productive methods. Of course, this led to their inventing a soap cutter and a mold that allowed them to offer the best quality soap using the most effective ways.

Ron and Debi developed their Air Cutter in 1996, and once they cut their first batch with it, they knew they had something that other soapmakers would love to use, and thus began their expansion into equipment for soapmakers.

If you peruse their website(, you will find everything you need to make soap, from beginner kits to professional equipment that make it possible to manufacture many thousands of bars each month. Moreover, they have, over time, expanded into equipment for many other body products.

Their love and pride in both their business and the industry shows by their constant dedication to quality and to the individual soapmaker. In fact, they played a part in starting the HSMG and are vendor members of the Guild. What’s more, they also support every soap gathering they find.

Ron says, “. . . we would not be who we are today, without the help of people who work in the company. We have an amazing team, scattered in several towns, states and of varied talents and interests. We are truly a modern company, using all the latest technologies, but with time-honored values.”

Keep up the good work, Soap Equipment!

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