An Update on The Safe Cosmetics Act in the 112th Congress

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(L to R) Deborah May, HSMG President Leigh O’Donnell, Congressman Brad Sherman (CA), Feleciai Favroth, Marie Gale

In our continuing efforts to work with Members of Congress to advance the interests of the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild (HSMG), we would like to update you on the recent progress on the still evolving Safe Cosmetics Act in the 112th Congress.

After hearing the concerns of the HSMG in February and the promise to continue a dialogue with us on behalf of the HSMG, staff members of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky have been quite responsive in keeping us informed.  In our most recent communication, we learned that a number of the provisions of the original bill are being redrafted.  We are not surprised by this information based on the range of issues discussed in our February meeting.
Although we have not seen any of the new draft language, through our continued engagement with offices involved in drafting the bill, we are optimistic that we will get to see and comment on any proposed language that directly impacts HSMG and the industry.   Furthermore, we remain encouraged that our ongoing conversations with Congresswoman Schakowsky, her staff and our continuing outreach with other Members of Congress will result in more positive conversations and support for HSMG concerns as the legislative proposal is developed and finalized.

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