From the President – HSMG Interviews a DC Advocate

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We are now one step closer to hiring an advocate to represent our industry.

Yesterday, I met with Mary Anne Walsh from the law firm of Roetzell & Andress in Washington, DC. Mary Anne has over 29 years of experience and has held a variety of positions including Chief of Staff for three U.S. Congressmen.  Read her full bio by following the link above and find out more about her firm here.

I was very impressed with Mary Anne, who was very forthcoming, professional and well-spoken and quickly grasped the issues we are facing. Most importantly, she was very excited about taking up our cause, and expressed a real passion for our industry.

Now that we are finalizing our search, the next step is to secure the necessary financial support for our efforts.  We’ve already received many donations (thank you to all who have donated so far!!).  There is still a ways to go to reach our goal.

Every little bit counts and we need your help.  Please consider donating to the Advocacy Fund or joining the HSMG or both!  There is strength in numbers and we need strength more than ever right now.

Leigh O’Donnell

President HSMG

6 Comments on “From the President – HSMG Interviews a DC Advocate”

  1. The HSMG has taken another step in the right direction and advocacy for each and every member is taking firm root. I continue to be astonished and so impressed with how events are unfolding and that the HSMG is stepping up to the plate in big ways to meet the challenges at hand . As Leigh says we have a ways to go and we so depend on your support, financial and otherwise.

    Sr.Cathleen Timberlake
    HSMG Vice President

  2. Hopefully this next step will be a reality check with everyone who is in this business. This may be the link that keeps them in a float. That link needs the support of everyone that this will affect. Please all consider a donation to this worthy cause.

    Maria Gelnett
    Social Media Chair HSMG

  3. We are poised to make our voices heard in Washington D.C.

    If you are not yet a member of the HSMG and you make or sell handcrafted soap, please join us.

    NOW is the time for us all to join together as a UNITED front to oppose the SCA and any future legislation that poses unfair and unrealistic Federal and State regulations that will have a negative affect on small business owners throughout the United States.

    The more members the HSMG has, the louder our voices will be heard in Washington D.C.

    If you sell supplies to soapmakers, please join the HSMG as a Vendor.

  4. Great job HSMG – There are a million small and mid-size soap and beauty professionals who feel that alone, they can do very little to make their voice heard. However there is definitely strength in numbers.

    A wonderful step for the industry by HSMG – we applaud your efforts and look forward to helping in any way we can!

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