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Natalia Cruz – EnJabonArte

Natalia graciously volunteered to be the HSMG Forum Moderator recently and is doing a great job! She lives in Guatemala and began soaping only about a year ago. She had recently quit her job, needed income and wanted to do something special with her life. In October of 2009, she decided to become a full time soapmaker.  Check out her website at EnJabonArte

Like many of us, the beginning wasn’t easy but she is happy to keep reaching her dream of having her own melt and pour soapmaking business. Natalia loves what she does with glycerin soap, because it’s an easy expression of her own art, by adding almost any oil, extract, herb, etc. to make it great on the skin, “Almost as a CP soap (almost!) but i can use it immediately when is done. “ she says.

Natalia said “Thank God, people love my soaps and people started to ask me to teach them, so now I give basic glycerin soapmaking classes too.” Natalia does well as a Sworn Translator and Marketer, but is sure that making glycerin soaps is her thing!

Please join Natalia for interesting soap related discussions on our HSMG Forum!

Ela McAdams volunteered for HSMG Social Media and helps out on Facebook. Her interest in making soaps and other toiletries grew out of a love of herbs.  She has been teaching soapmaking (MP, CP and HP), balm making, lotion making, candle making and other crafts for about 15 years. Since she loves to talk soap and other crafts she has been a moderator on some popular soap forums so you may recognize her from there.

This past conference in Denver was her first HSMG Ela said, “I was so impressed with everything, I learned a lot, and I got to meet in person a number of my crafting “heroes”, including Marie Gale, Debbie May, and Anne-Marie Fiola. I can’t wait to see everyone again.”

Attached are her favorite soap projects, her wedding favour soaps. She was married on a cruise ship so thus the “beach theme”. She used rubber flip flop erasers, cornmeal and clear MP to create a scene of twin flip flops on the beach, sticking their toes in the ocean.

Ela, looks forward to getting to know everyone better!

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