Personal Care Truth or Scare, Information Based on Scientific Facts

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Lisa M. Rodgers, founder of Cactus & Ivy and Kristin Fraser Cotte, founder of The Grapeseed Company are soapmakers extraordinaire that are making a difference through their joint website

They founded to deliver scientific based information on what’s in personal care products to YOU.

Their definition of YOU?

Lisa and Kristin have been researching cosmetic ingredients for decades for their own natural personal care companies, and collaborating on this massive project for many months to bring YOU information based on scientific fact.  Personal Care Truth is not about scare tactics, generalizations, fear mongering, or hopping aboard what’s considered trendy at the moment. Personal Care Truth is about education, facts, questions, research, sharing knowledge, and empowering consumers to make the choice that’s right for their families. Lisa and Kristin welcome your questions and submissions. Their goal is to combine their resources and share scientific based information on personal care products with the world. They believe it is more powerful to provide information to educate and empower YOU as opposed to scaring you with information that has not been backed by science.

Some of our favorite experts such as:  Anne-Marie Faiola, Dene Godfrey, Cindy Jones, Donna Marie Coles Johnson, Katherine Corkill, Kayla Fioivanti and Robert Tisserand have been brought on board by Lisa and Kristin.   On the ingredients tab, the experts share their research on many interesting topics, such as this one by Kayla Fiorivanti.   There is a place to ask the Experts questions as well.

Personal Care News, Regulations and Science tabs are chuck full of useful and interesting information. Last but not least is the Legislation information tab. This is a great place to keep up on the issues that could dramatically affect your business.

If you have a question, just ‘Submit Feedback’ on their contact button in the top bar of the website. They encourage dialogue here, and will not delete any of the comments that appear on this site! If you have personal care information based on scientific facts, they encourage you to share it for consideration to be published on this site, just click ‘Submit Article’.

We all are here to learn, share and collaborate! All posts are filed information in logs for your perusal. How about this one – “What is Real Soap” .

HSMG applauds Lisa and Kristen along with the Experts on this much needed and appreciated endeavor.

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