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Emu Today  magazine

HSMG Member, Betty Lou Cauffman was profiled in the July/August 2008 issue of Emu Today & Tomorrow, a magazine for Emu Farmers. The two-page article, titled “Soap Making: A Good Clean Fit for Emu Farms”, details how soapmaking is an integral part of Valley View Emus, LLC, in Fennimore WI.

Betty Lou attended the 2008 HSMG Conference in Burlington, VT and said “I went mostly just to observe and learn what I could” and, according to the article, she learned plenty and recommends that other who want to try their hand at soapmaking attend confereces and make use of the information available online.

Although soap is not the bulk of business for Valley View Emus, Betty Lou has a dedicated manufacturing room and can make 10 140-bar batches of soap at once and has outlets for 12 different types of soap and private label.

In addition to the article covering Valley View Emus, the magazine also quoted the Soap Guild definition of “Soap”, taken from our website.

Well done to Betty Lou, not only for excellent public relations for her own business, but also for including the HSMG and helping get our message out there as well!

Marie Gale, President

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