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It is with great pleasure that I announce that the HSMG Forum now has an additional new Forum Moderator, Pat Allen of www.GranNannysGoatMilkSoaps.net

Pat also volunteers on the Certification Committee. Thank you, Pat from all of us at HSMG. Please take a moment to say hello and welcome her to her new role here. Here’s a note from Pat:

Hello from North Carolina!

I’ve been a member of the Guild since 2005 but started researching soapmaking about a year before. My husband and I own/operate a small goat dairy. We raise Nubian goats so we can have milk for our goat milk soaps. I only make goat milk products. Right now I make soaps and lotions but have experimented with natural herbal deodorant and fizzies.

It’s sort of the cart before the horse thing for us (me). I fell in love with a neighbor’s goat, bought one, then two, then three. I then bought a male so I could breed my own herd. I’ve been raising Nubians since 2003 and never looked back. Oh yeah, there was an incredible learning curve because we started with ‘what’s a goat?’ Labor of love. My milk experiences began with cheese making. Bob and I took courses and thoroughly enjoyed the process but the start-up costs were (are) cost prohibitive. We decided to make cheeses for ourselves and our friends and stop there. Making soaps is less work and has a greater rate of return.

Have a super day, Pat

Maria Gelnett, Chair, Programs & Services Committee

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