And the Winner is………..

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Body and Soul Ad

Michelle Gilbert, Sarva Natural Artisian Soaps Wow!! Nice job Michelle. You deserve this recognition. Congratulations on winning the member call for photos! Look for our ad in the Holiday Edition of Martha Stewart – Body and Soul Magazine.

You will not be disappointed in the HSMG recognition in the ad created by our Marie Gale, President, utilizing Michelle’s soap photo. By the way, support Michelle by voting for Sarva Soaps in the StartupNation Home-Based 100 Businesses Competition! Winners of the Home-Based 100 find themselves at the center of a media storm that includes recognition on national and local TV, radio, in newspapers and magazines, and on some of the largest, most influential websites on the web, MSN and StartupNation among them.

Maria Gelnett, Programs and Services Chair

7 Comments on “And the Winner is………..”

  1. Hi everyone, it’s me, Michelle the Sarva Soapmaker!

    I just wanted to express my gratitude for this opportunity! I was shocked to find out I won!

    This is a REALLY big deal to me and I’m honored to know that I was chosen to represent all of the incredibly talented HSMG members out there… I don’t take this lightly.

    So, thanks to all of you for inspiring me with what you do, and rest assured that on my end I’ll do my very best to offer my customers a product and service that the HSMG — and all of you — would be proud of and inspired by too.

    Thank you again!

    Michelle Gilbert
    Sarva Natural Artisan Soaps

  2. Look for the Martha Stewart Body and Soul December 2008 issue on sale 11/24/08. Michelle, we are proud to have you represent us. Your care and excellence in product and marketing is impressive.

    Maria Gelnett
    HSMG Chair – Programs & Services

  3. Congratulations, Michelle! God, I feel like an amateur compared to you. I have only been doing this for 3-4 months, and I feel like I have a lot to learn. I feel like my bar soap recipe is good, but it doesn’t look as nice as yours. Looking at your ingredients, I am considering adding castor oil to mine or grapeseed oil. I have both oils on hand, and was using them for something else, but I may start adding them to my bar soap recipe soon. Not sure how you put swirls in your soaps, but I know that I have bought some dried flowers to put some color in mine. I will probably start coloring my soaps in January when the market days are over. I go to market practically every Saturday now selling my soap. But, I will probably start to experiment with my ingredients between January and April before the markets start open up again. Would like to email you about some suggestions. I am not going to use exactly what you use; don’t worry. I just know that I need to make mine look different, and add some ingredients to make my recipe my own a little more.

  4. Michelle’s soaps are truly magnificant! I have tried MANY and am in LOVE! The delicate fragrances and beauty of the soaps are really magical! Sherry

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