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Welcome! This blog has been created to keep soapmakers updated on the activities of the HSMG. Since we are a trade organization for the handcrafted soap industry, both members and non-members will find information of interest here.

Marie Gale

HSMG President

5 Comments on “Welcome to the HSMG Blog”

  1. I feel as if we should hold a “Blogging Shower!”
    I can’t wait for this Blog to get rolling, as a 3rd generation soap maker it’s always exciting to see and hear any soap news. Welcome little Blog, we know you will grow and prosper!

  2. As a relative newcomer to the soap scene I personally don’t have a lot to add at this point but I certainly look forward to coming back often to see what awesome things others have contributed (I tend to be more of a lurker). I would like to throw something out there for consideration though. I can not afford (time or money) to attend this years conference. Any chance of eventually being able to video and sell these conferences for those of us who can’t attend for whatever reason? Here in Florida there do not appear to be a lot of classes (and I have been looking) so being able to buy CD’s of the conferences is something I would be interested in for the learning experience as well as to be able to put faces to names that I deal with online. Thanks for considering and good luck with the new blog.

  3. Joy, Due to the complexity of obtaining a full video, we decided not to tape and sell the Conference. What we plan to do is get a write-up from the various speakers and then post that to the member area library. Look for it post-Conference time!
    Maria Gelnett
    HSMG BoD
    Program/Services Chair

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