We Can Use Some Able-Bodied Volunteers

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As you’ve probably noticed, there is lots going on at the moment in the HSMG. We have over 900 members (highest ever) and that’s increasing steadily. Our committees are all working hard to fulfill their duties and increase the stability, benefits and out-reach of the HSMG. Now some able-bodied help is needed!

Most of our standing committees are looking for able-bodied volunteers to help out on specific jobs. If you’re interested in taking on any of the following jobs, please contact me or the committee chairman:

Programs and Services Committee
The Programs and Services Committee develops programs and services to benefit the membership and the handcrafted soap industry. Maria Gelnett is the chairman, contact her at mgelnett@soapguild.org. Positions needing to be filled:

  • One blog volunteer, to increase use of the just-announced blog
  • One additional Forum volunteer/moderator, to increase use of the forum
  • Three volunteers to assist in the developing and implementing programs and services (getting magazine ads running again; increasing direct member benefits.)

Certification Committee
The Certification Committee is developing and implementing the Soapmaker Certification Program. Currently they are working on administration procedures and the Level 2 tests for MP and CP/HP, which need to be ready to administer at the 2009 Conference. Elaine Koronich is the chairman, contact her at elainek@soapguild.org. The Certification Committee is very active with current committee members, but more are needed:

  • Four MP soapmakers to participate in creating exam questions and definitions for Advanced MP Soapmaker level
  • Two HP soapmakers to participate in creating exam questions and definitions for the Advanced CP/HP Soapmaker Level

All volunteers will also participate in developing the testing protocol for evaluation of MP or CP/HP soaps as part of this Level’s Exam. They will also work with the other CP/HP/MP soapmakers on common exam areas. Volunteers need to be producing soap themselves at an advanced level.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee periodically reviews the HSMG finances and creates a proposed budget. The Treasurer, LaShonda Tyree, is the chairman, contact her at lashondat@soapguild.org. Positions needing to be filled:

  • Two volunteers to assist in periodic reviews of the HSMG finances and developing the 2009-2010 annual budget.

Conference Committee
The Conference Committee plans and executes the Annual Conference. Leigh O’Donnell is the chairman, contact her at conference@soapguild.org. Positions needing to be filled:

  • Seven Conference Ground Crew workers.

Ground crew are responsible at the conference for duties such as preparations, registration, merchandise sales, book sales, room preps, speaker runner/timekeeper. They will be able to attend MOST of the speaker sessions (but probably not all). There is compensation in the form of benefits for all conference volunteers who perform their duties diligently.

If you have interest in volunteering in the HSMG and any time at all to help out, please contact me or the committee chair for the committee you’re interested in working with. Any and all participation is welcome!

Marie Gale, President

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