Spotlight – Marie Gale, President, HSMG

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So we can get to know more about the Guild, its Directors, Committees and Members, we will be posting a Spotlight piece on the Blog often.  First, our leader, Marie Gale.

She started out like the rest of us happening upon soapmaking through circumstance somehow, someway.  But who is Marie Gale, certified soapmaker and President of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild.  Marie Gale wears many hats.  Well the hat she probably enjoys wearing the most is being Leader of one of the most organized, friendliest, creative, fun, cleanest (to say the least) non profit organization in the 50 states all while in the capacity of giving/volunteering.  She is author of the book Soap & Cosmetic Labeling which is so vital to the Cosmetic and Soapmaking industry.   She is an entrepreneur .  The owner of Chandler Soaps which specializes in natural handcrafted soaps, toiletries and other handcrafted goodies.  But what I found most to be so fabulous about Marie is that she manages the family ranch that she lives on.  Now we are not talking about a little ranch with probably a horse or two, a dog, a little farm or garden.  We are talking about 1,320 acres of forest land, that’s isolated (what us city folk would say in the boonies), that encompasses a creek that is a natural habitat to salmon.  Marie is responsible for many different issues on her property.  While working together with the Oregon State Department of Forestry, she completed a stewardship plan for her 1,320 acres of land involving geology, water sources, roads, threatened or endangered species, logging, maintenance, security and I’m sure she is still learning more.  Marie Gale is multifaceted, intelligent, passionate, take charge, and a very interesting woman along with being kind and down to earth.  No wonder the Soapmakers Guild is the organization it is today.  She wears many beautiful hats and she wears them well.

Vivian Terry, HSMG Member, Programs & Services Volunteer.

2 Comments on “Spotlight – Marie Gale, President, HSMG”

  1. Thank you, Vivian, for putting the spotlight on our HSMG President, Marie Gale. She has done more for this association than anyone knows and her hard work, passion and dedication show in our growing membership numbers and recognition.

    It has been my extreme pleasure to serve with her, she’s a very special lady!

    Leigh O’Donnell
    HSMG Vice President

  2. I too have enjoyed working with Marie. She has helped progress the HSMG with her dynamic leadership. Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT! You so deserve it!

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