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It is with great pleasure that I announce that the HSMG Forum now has a new Forum Moderator — Barbara Downey! :D Please take a moment to say hello and welcome her to her new role here.

So…you may be asking yourself, “that’s cool and all, but what exactly does a forum moderator do and why do we need one?”

Good questions!

Simply put, we’ve got a great forum that we feel is a tad underused and we think you’d like to have more activity in here, as in lots more questions being asked and answered (cuz we know you’ve got questions!), your announcements, tales from the trenches (successful and not so), your great tips, ideas and shortcuts…all the things we love sharing with one another when we’re face-to-face at the conference. This is your space to do that the rest of the year and Barbara’s here to help make that happen. She’ll make sure your questions don’t go unanswered, she’ll point you in the right direction when you need it and just help to keep the forum lively and fun for all. And for those occasional messages that get posted that don’t really belong….well, she’ll take care of those too. Just let her know when you see one.

Barbara, thank you so much for being willing to help out! All of us at the HSMG appreciate your helpful spirit and congratulate you on becoming our first-ever Forum Moderator! We hope it’s fun for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get posting!

Pam Lyons
HSMG Board of Directors
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  1. Welcome Barbara! I am also tesing the blog too.

    Where are you from? I am a new soapmaker from Fayetteville, GA.

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