What to do about the FDA Globalization Act

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You have probably heard of the FDA Globalization Act of 2008. If not, briefly it is legislation intended to increase the security and safety of food, drugs and medical devices. Cosmetics seem to be somewhat of an afterthought, but they are still included. The way it is currently being written, it which would require, amongst other things, annual registration of cosmetic manufacturers (at $2,000 per year) and burdensome reporting on all products being manufactured.

While it won’t impact the manufacture of soap, it is likely to impact most soapmakers because a large percentage of soapmakers also make cosmetics of some kind or another. Therefore, the HSMG is taking an active position in opposition to the FDA Globalization Act.

Our industry is a fairly large one. An active grass-roots effort to communicate the devastation that could be caused as a result of this Act can be an effective way to get it appropriately changed or even killed.

If every soapmaker and every small cosmetics manufacturer takes the time to write to their legislators and the committees responsible for the Act, it CAN make a difference. I urge you to take a few moments read up and then take any actions you can to help get it stopped.

Please feel free to pass the website address on to anyone you know who might be able to help and to any groups or lists you are a part of. The more people who take action, the better it will be.

Marie Gale, President HSMG

2 Comments on “What to do about the FDA Globalization Act”

  1. Marie, Your work on setting up the webpages has made it easy to educate myself and to contact my NY Representative. I was also motivated to contact our local Greater Binghamton area Chamber Governmental representative who is familiarizing himself with the Act to see about bringing it to the table. He will be checking out what NY State businesses who oppose the act can do to join together to approach Washington, DC as a front. I’ll keep you posted.

    Maria Gelnett
    HSMG Chair – Programs and Service Committee

  2. Good morning. I am not sure if everyone is aware of this but I found a link from Debbie @Wholesale Supplis Plus. She is conducting a 10 question survey and then compiling the results and going to DC to talk to people about the FDA Act. I would encourage everyone to take the survey and thank Debbie for her hard work. She has actually hired a team to work on this in DC for our benefit. Give her a thanks and let here know how much you appreciate her efforts.


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