Donna Maria Touts the HSMG Conference

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Donna Maria, that icon of Indie Beauty Network and staunch supporter of all things Indie, just recently blog-posted 10 Interesting Things About the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild – and they are interesting things!

I knew Donna Maria was on the list of people to attend the first-ever gathering in Paris, Ohio (1997!), but I didn’t know why she wasn’t there. Now I understand a little more why she’s not working a corporate “real” job. If it keeps you away from the things you love, what good is that!

Yep, it’s true we give away spatulas (used to be spoons) for the annual meeting. Have to admit, there is something pretty cool about being able to say, “All in favor, raise your spatula.”  My original spoon from several years ago is hanging on my bulletin board with the ribbon still on it. I keep it there to constantly remind me that this is a MEMBERSHIP organization; it’s the members who have the final say … by raising or lowering their spatulas at the annual meeting. (And yes, I do get to occasionally use my “Mother Voice”.)

The upcoming 2009 Conference is shaping up to be a real dandy. Donna Maria will be speaking on “How to Become Your Own Media Outlet.” Judging from all the press and activities dM has going on, it should be a useful presentation. And probably very entertaining, as well.

Did you know that Donna Maria started the 2007 Annual Conference by appearing as a “crazy soapmaker” in curlers, slippers, jammies with a nose-clip on her nose, goggles and ear muffs? Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:

After the skit she gave a great keynote address that was later described by attendees as “Entertaining and Inspiring!”, and “Her passion and knowledge were so apparent!”. We look forward to more good things from dM at the 2009 Conference!

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2 Comments on “Donna Maria Touts the HSMG Conference”

  1. Oh yes! Soaprah rides again. That was the most fun. Thanks for welcoming me and for seeing my humor. Soapmaking is such a huge part of my life and my journey. I remember those early soaping days so fondly. Imagine that! Ear muffs to protect your ear drums from the lye fumes. While I was doing that skit, I have to admit is was really hard not to burst out laughing. I couldn’t look at anyone or else it would have been all over. I’m getting ready for next year. Now where did I put those nose clips?

  2. I look forward to Soaprah and her best friend Gayle appearances at the HSMG Conferences. Most of all I look forward to spending time with Donna Maria and everyone there. What a great event you all have created.

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