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I just returned from a trip to pick the property for the HSMG 2010 Conference. After looking at 11 hotels over 3 days my mind is swimming with possibilities and questions. It is always interesting to try to see our attendees in a particular property, networking and being a part of our growing conference…

Over the last few years we have been choosing properties that are a bit more interesting with some character and a definite feel of the area we were in. For example, in 2008 we were at the beautiful Inn at Essex in Burlington, Vermont ( property had a very distinct New England feel with it’s three main buildings in the form of manor houses. Wood floors, antique lighting and the New England Culinary Institute made this property memorable in itself and one definitely felt like they were in Vermont. I even recall a few snow flakes during The Expert’s Panel!

In 2009 we’ll be at the relaxing Miramonte Resort & Spa The Miramonte is located in Indian Wells and is one of the most laid back and peaceful properties we’ve ever been to. With citrus trees and lavender growing everywhere, you can easily forget that you are in the desert. In fact, there couldn’t be a bigger contrast between The Inn at Essex and The Miramonte so attendees that get the pleasure of going to both are in for a treat! (I expect we can safely say it won’t snow)

So, in 2010 what type of property should we choose? There were two that stuck out in my mind this last week, both are good representatives of the area we’ll be in. It is nice to see that we will always be able to sample the local area wherever we go and take that little piece of our beautiful country home with us when the conference is over. Let’s face it, we try very hard to give you your money’s worth at the HSMG Conference and that means keeping you busy, busy, busy! That makes the location even more important! You’ll need a nice place to lay your head when the day is done or a great spa to book a treatment at. 🙂

I take this position very seriously and hope that I can continue to find properties that are worthy of the HSMG Conference and the attendees that make it great. If you have any general suggestions or comments, email me anytime:

Leigh O’Donnell

HSMG Conference Coordinator

HSMG Vice President

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  1. Leigh, The Inn at Essex was a fabulous choice and it appears that next years choice is fabulous too. I am confident that you will make the right choice and I personally can’t wait to hear about it. Thanks for doing a great job.


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