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As most know, product and general liability insurance is included as a member benefit for soapmaker members located in the United States. The basic insurance includes $1M in liability insurance and $5,000 in property insurance. For those who needed more liability insurance to satisfy wholesale accounts or craft shows and fairs, an optional increase to $2M is available during the signup process.

Now there is increased coverage available for those who might need it!

Professional Liability Insurance, for those who teach or speak as professionals can now be covered. This is an addition endorsement to the basic policy and covers things like a student following the directions you give them and being damaged. The cost for the endorsement is $135 per year.

Additional Property Coverage is also available. The basic $5,000 property coverage comes with the standard policy, but the level can be increased to $10,000 (additional $65), $20,000 (additional $115) or $30,000 (additional $175). Those amounts can be added to the basic policy with just a phone call. More property insurance coverage is also available, but requires a slightly different process and there are some limitations.

For more information on the insurance coverage, see the Insurance FAQ at the HSMG Website.

To request additional insurance, contact Stratus Insurance, (866) 395-1308.

Marie Gale, HSMG President

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