Member Spotlight: Fire and Ice Handmade Soaps

An undying love and respect for handmade soap drove Stephanie Seagle, owner of Fire and Ice Handmade Soaps, into business. Stephanie relates, “I have always loved handmade soap. I started with melt and pour…read up on cold process soap making and just jumped right in.” In business for a year now, Fire and Ice Handmade Soaps joined the Guild six months ago and has made good use of the insurance coverage while perfecting product offerings.


On the website, you’ll find a product line-up that includes soap, wax tart melts (no flame required!), and solid lotion sticks. Do try Fire and Ice’s beer soap. This unique concoction is made with both Guiness Stout and Leinenkugel Berry Shandy, produces a rich, creamy lather beloved by men and women, and features a scent inspired by both beers (without giving you that rough morning after feeling, thank you very much).


Shop for Fire and Ice Handmade Soaps online here and here. Receive notifications of new postings in the shop via Fire and Ice’s twitter feed and keep up with the latest and greatest company and product news on the Facebook page.

Thanks, Fire and Ice Handmade Soaps, for letting us get to know you a bit better!

Member Spotlight: Honey Sweetie Acres

Welcome to Feature Friday. Today, meet Honey Sweetie Acres.header_bg

Two years ago, Regina and Steve Bauscher could hardly have predicted they’d be co-owners of a company called Honey Sweetie Acres. (We don’t want to give anything away, but check out the Honey Sweetie Acres website for the story behind their company name.)

Honey Sweetie Acres started as a family farm raising Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. After finding soap made with milk from the farm goats to be incredibly restorative, Regina knew she couldn’t keep the soap to herself. Says Regina, “…everyone began raving about how much their skin improved.”


The goat milk is definitely the secret ingredient in Honey Sweetie Acres’ soap. Nigerian Dwarfs have more than double the butterfat content of any other goat breed, which results in a very emollient bar of soap. Co-owner Regina’s chemistry minor doesn’t hurt either. “I find it fascinating to tweak recipes to find just the right combination of natural ingredients and aim to improve the soap with each batch.”

Dancer - Champion Ribbons

In addition to the soap that started it all, you’ll find goat milk lotion, body butter, lotion bars and dead sea salt scrubs on the Honey Sweetie Acres website. If you’re undecided, Regina says you must try the lotion bars. “We’ve had to enlarge the size of our bars and ramp up production due to demand.” And of course, if you want a little bit of everything, Honey Sweetie Acres is happy to assemble a gift basket to your specifications.


If you’re in the neighborhood, Honey Sweetie Acres invites farm visits to see soap and the goats. (As with any working farm, please do call ahead to schedule.) If you can’t visit in person, keep up with the goat antics and announcements of fairs, festivals, and farmers markets on their Facebook page. And, of course, order products online anytime.

Thank you, Honey Sweetie Acres, for sharing your story!