Member Spotlight: Bubble and Flame Soap and Candle Co.

Bubble and Flame Soap and Candle Company intends to infuse your daily rituals with fantasy, whimsy, and the esoteric. Sarah Frost, the one woman show behind Bubble and Flame Soap and Candle Company relates that her first soapmaking experience was in high school. “Some people paint, some people sing, some people write…I make soap.”

Bubble-and-flame-the-pumpkin smasher-soap
Aside from focusing on cold process, palm oil free, primarily vegan soap (do try the Honeyed Porridge with locally sourced raw honey and organic milk if you are not looking for a vegan bar), Bubble and Flame has a unique twist on the process. As Sarah explains, “Some of us soapers like the soap making process because it makes us feel like mad scientists, nurturers, and self-sustainers, but for me soap is a way to communicate with the world. I dream, I journal, I research, I feel, and I put these processes together into soap. I prefer to dwell in the curious realms of folklore and imagination and that is where I draw my inspiration and my most beloved products from.”

You can certainly imagine the spell being cast by a soap like Conjure, a deeply-colored soap packed with activated charcoal and a delicious blend of clary sage, cinnamon, frankincense and other essential oils. And if you can get your hands on it, Strange Brew has piqued local interest with its exotic combination of coffee and a deeply aromatic, extravagant blend of essential oils including French cypress, benzoin, and cinnamon.


Entering her third year of business and second year of Guild membership, Bubble and Flame offers soap, soy wax melts, and lip balms (seasonally). Primarily online and at shows local to the Gilmanton, New Hampshire area, you’ll also find Bubble and Flame products in New Hampshire at New to You and Susana’s Sewing Studio in Concord, Sorella Flower Shop in Contoocook, and The Studio in Laconia.


Find out when that next batch is in the mold, when soaps are in stock, and random musings on Bubble and Flame’s Twitter feed. Ogle lovely pictures on Bubble and Flame’s Pinterest board and get the behind-the-scenes company details on the Facebook page.

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing Bubble and Flame with us!

Member Spotlight: K.I.S.S. Keeping It Simple Soap

Shock, fear, and anxiety typically accompany the loss of a full time job. For Kathy Bosk, owner of Keeping It Simple Soap (K.I.S.S), it was the impetus to start a company. And oddly enough, it was her daughter who introduced Kathy to soapmaking.


Two and a half years after its genesis, New Hampshire-based Keeping It Simple Soap carries lotion bars, lip balms, and olive oil-based soaps. Kathy not only keeps it simple, she keeps it local. K.I.S.S. re-uses printed paper destined for the recycle bin from a local school and recreation department, a local school’s milk cartons, and excess grocery store paper bags for labels and molds. A local chocolate store supplies K.I.S.S.’s coconut oil, and the olive oil comes from a New England-based grocery store. For those ingredients that must be outsourced, K.I.S.S. favors purchasing from a company that raises money and awareness for autism.


Get a quick look at Keeping It Simple Soap’s product range on pinterest and browse and buy K.I.S.S.’s product selection online. While soap may be in the name, don’t neglect the lip balms. As one customer raves, “I highly recommend the lip balms! I won’t go back to the store stuff!” Check K.I.S.S.’s website calendar and Facebook page, as well as follow the K.I.S.S. twitter account to see where they’ll be vending and when that next batch of soap will be ready to go.

Thanks, Kathy, for sharing the story of Keeping It Simple Soap. Here’s to your success!!