Long Time Coming

Another year, another batch of members to celebrate. You know we like our awards and in this organization, we recognize members with longevity awards. Longevity awards are a bit like winning Survivor, only without the nasty infighting, bug eating, and general lack of hygiene. We award them to any member who’s been with us for five years or more. You’ll notice many members who attain longevity awards also join us at Annual Conferences as speakers or work with us throughout the year as staff, volunteers and board members. It’s a testament to a member’s success to have them with us for so long and we, in turn, feel lucky to have such a dedicated member base.

okay, so maybe not that kind of longevity
Here are the Longevity Awards we celebrated at this year’s Annual Conference:

5 years
Stephanie Docktor
Ruth Esteves
Jennifer Grimes
Jessie Hoffmeier
Jedwards International
Teri Kalgren
Julie Koenig
Patricia Monk
Veracity Insurance Solutions
Pamela Zeirott

6 years
Angelene Bonner
Laurie Clark
Deanna Crowe
Barbara Downey
Pamela Ernst
Feleciai Favroth
Cindy Heinemann
Kimberly McCarty
Donna Pixton-Hacker
Lynn Rodenroth

7 years
Gaily Baughman
Marcia Cunningham
David Fischer
Nina Gerhold
Barb DeLosSantos

8 years
Lori Nova Endres
Donna Johanson
Art Marko
Sheryl Matranga

9 years
Sharon Czekala
Kevin Dunn

10 years
Leigh O’Donnell

11 years
Cindy Christ
Mary Fountaine
Wanda Gillen
Bernadette Mayo
Kerri Mixon
JoAnne Somers

12 years
Margaret Neff
Shay and Company
Jackie Thompson
Sister Cathleen Timberlake

14 years
Val Marhefka

15 years
Marie Gale
Lebermuth Company

And the list grows longer every year…we can’t wait until it gets unmanageably long. Hats off to our longevity award winners (psst, if you’re wondering what the fuss is about, check us out right here).

Members are the reason the Guild exists, so cheers to you!

Getting Busy…Certified

It’s true. Members were getting busy at this year’s annual conference in Tucson, Arizona….obtaining certifications, of course (what were you thinking, eh hem??). This year, 53 soapers achieved 58 soapmaking certifications ranging from Basic Melt & Pour to Advanced Cold Process/Hot Process.


Without further ado, our latest and greatest certified soapmakers are:

Basic Cold Process/Hot Process Soapmakers 
Alicia Villacorta Jessica Eveleigh
Amy Bryce Jodi Chen
April Cardona John S. Ykinionty
Audra Weisenberger Joyce Smith
Brenda Kasztelan Karen Harvey
Christina Wheeler Kiyoko Puyaoan
Cynthia Carrasco Kirsten Nagashima
Debbie Deupree Kristina Nanninga
Deborah Bruijn Leanne Laboy
Denise Jackson-Gunter Marilyn Plummer
Ester Bautro Omitade Adediran
Francis Cullen Patricia Monk
Gates Councilor Philip Olive
Heather Folks-Lambart Priscilla Dufilho
Heidi Warren Raymond Martin
Heidi Jaynes Regina Bauscher
Holly Mackley Sam Swerdlen
Jane Leebeck Sherry Matranga
Janet Tietz Sue Robertson
Janet Vallego Susanne Gamble
Jeanette Marquis Theresa Novoa
Jennifer Chaloux Vivian Salas
Jennifer Katehos Yvonne Bernard
Basic Melt & Pour Soapmakers  Advanced Cold Process/Hot Process Soapmakers
Maria Rios Heidi Jaynes
Holley Mackley Ester Bautro
Janet Vallego Karen Harvey
Heidi Warren Jennifer Hofmann
Starla Ledbetter
Tricia Samundsen
Deborah Bruijn
Reginia Bauscher

Of course, members aren’t restricted to taking certification exams at an annual conference (log in for information on proctored exams), but it’s a darn convenient place to take them, as long as you didn’t karaoke too much the night prior to the exam or overwhelm your brain from the first full day of conference activities (always a danger). The two testing slots offered this year kept our Certification Chair Barb De Los Santos and her judging committee busily grading exams and soaps.

Members, we’ll let you know once your certification information is available online. Also look forward to your pictures soon, for those of you who took them.

We will offer certification testing slots again next year in Indianapolis at the 2015 Annual Conference (pssst, don’t forget, you have until the end of the month – a scant 12 or so days – to score the lowest registration rates), so if you were pondering it at this past conference, sign up now!

Congratulations again to all of our newly certified soapmakers. You guys rock!

Member Spotlight: Sugarloaf Soaps

Sugarloaf Soaps, in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania, is truly a wonderland. Wandering the shelves, you’ll find a plethora of bath, body and gift items, including glycerin soaps, lip balms, lotions, sugar scrubs, soaking bath crystals, bath bombs, shampoo (for humans and pets), tarts, candles, incense, friendship balls, wooden roses, and antiques. Owner Rose Cunfer credits Debbie May with sparking her interest in creating bath and body products. “A medical life event caused me to leave my long time administrative job in education. Looking for a complete 360 degree turn, I became interested in soap by watching Debbie May’s videos on Wholesales Supplies Plus website. Then in 2010 I joined HSCG and met so many amazing people!”


While you’ll find plenty lining the shelves of the store to tempt you, Rose insists you try the sugar scrubs, which are most amazing and come in very unusual flavors. And of course, you still have time to pick up Easter-themed soaps and scrubs. If you aren’t close enough to stop by in person, keep in touch with  Sugarloaf Soaps on Facebook.


“I am truly blessed”, Rose relates, “to have an opportunity to own my business, work in a brick and mortar shop next to my house, and travel to meet new friends and formulate new ides. The sky is the limit in this trade and everyone helps one another to be successful!”

Thank you, Rose, for that little shot of inspiration and thanks for giving us a sneak peek into Sugarloaf Soaps!