Need Low-Cost Advertising? Read This!

Do you make a great line of products that are professionally packaged? Know that people will fall in love them, if only you could get them in front of more potential customers? How would you like to accomplish just that at very low cost?

You can! The HSCG, offering another benefit to its members, has found beauty bloggers who will review your products and post their thoughts to their readers! The only cost is to you is sending your products for review.


We have lined up beauty bloggers from all around the US, with one in Canada and one in the UK (and don’t you worry, the Public Relations committee is still out expanding the contact list), who would be thrilled to accept, test and write about three of your products.

Interested? Here is what you have to do:

1. Check out the list of bloggers and choose one whose audience reflects your market (vegan, young women, etc.)

2. Email the blogger to arrange the review regarding the types and numbers of products.

3. Choose full-sized products that are labeled legally and packaged nicely.

4. In your package to your blogger, include: A letter of introduction to explain you and your product. This could include the ingredients you use, which niche you reach, your backstory, and so on. Keep it to one page. You could also send a brochure. Be sure to include contact information, such as your website address, etc., although we do suggest that you not include your personal phone number. This letter should be carefully written, proofread and printed on high-quality paper. This could be a brochure, if you prefer. Keep in mind that these bloggers receive mostly commercial products that are researched and packaged by large corporations, so it’s imperative that yours be well done, also. Include a few business cards. Get good digital photos of your products.

5. Send your products, letter, links to photos and cards to your blogger in the agreed upon time frame.



Note that the HSCG serves merely as a facilitator and educator in this program. The Guild is neither responsible for the blogger’s actions nor your results. Some bloggers do not test products if they are not up to standard, or they may point out what they don’t like. Each blogger has her own policies that you must research before you contact the blogger. All results are between you and your blogger.

Log in and find all the details on the website right here.

Members, go forth and publicize!

Insurance Changes at Your Fingertips!

We are very pleased to announce the HSCG Insurance Portal.

Need an additional insured?

Looking for a copy of your policy?

Moved locations and need to update the insurance?

Have new contact info?

Now, you can do all of these things from the Insurance Portal. (How cool is that?!) That’s right. No longer do you need to plan a time to make a phone call or send an email….you can take care of routine policy maintenance from the convenience of your desk, at any hour of your choosing.

Robot Tormenta y Marea

Read up on the Insurance Portal and how to log in from the HSCG website. Access the Insurance Portal site here for Canadian residents and here for US and Puerto Rican residents. For US members, your login information will be the email address and member area password on file with the HSCG as of mid-October. If you signed up or renewed after mid-October, your login will be the email and password at the time you signed up or renewed.

You’ll also notice a link to the HSCG Insurance Portal in the ‘My Details’ section upon logging into the HSCG site.

If you have any difficulty accessing the Insurance Portal, contact Veracity Insurance Solutions at or call 888-568-0548, toll free, for assistance.

Have you tried the new portals to manage your policy?

Join the Certified Crowd

Join the crowd and be certifiably awesome. At the 2012 HSCG conference in Portland, we awarded certifications to 35 soapmakers – some of whom achieved certification in more than one testing track and more than one level!

The 2013 HSCG annual conference in Raleigh is fast approaching and once again, we will be offering certification exams. Currently, we have two opportunities within the conference schedule for you to take a certification exam: Thursday evening during the last hour of registration and Saturday morning just before the first session of the day.

If you’re testing this year during the conference, we have a few tips for you:

–        Pre-register for your certification exam

–        Login to access study materials

–        Prepare soap samples, if required

–        Prepare testing paperwork, if required

–        Pack a calculator and pencil

–        At the conference, check in at the certification table after registration

–        Submit soap sample by noon May 17th

–        Choose your testing session: Thursday, May 16 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm or Saturday, May 18 from 7:00 am to 8:00 am

–        On the day of the test, arrive a few minutes early to sign in. No late entries will be allowed

If you’re attending the 2013 conference, this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of soapmaking skills and take up to two certification exams.

Once you’ve achieved certification, we want to show you some love. Certified soapmakers are highlighted to consumers within the ‘Find a Soapmaker’ section of the website and receive a logo indicating certification for use in marketing.

What certification level are you working towards?