Long Time Coming

Another year, another batch of members to celebrate. You know we like our awards and in this organization, we recognize members with longevity awards. Longevity awards are a bit like winning Survivor, only without the nasty infighting, bug eating, and general lack of hygiene. We award them to any member who’s been with us for five years or more. You’ll notice many members who attain longevity awards also join us at Annual Conferences as speakers or work with us throughout the year as staff, volunteers and board members. It’s a testament to a member’s success to have them with us for so long and we, in turn, feel lucky to have such a dedicated member base.

okay, so maybe not that kind of longevity
Here are the Longevity Awards we celebrated at this year’s Annual Conference:

5 years
Stephanie Docktor
Ruth Esteves
Jennifer Grimes
Jessie Hoffmeier
Jedwards International
Teri Kalgren
Julie Koenig
Patricia Monk
Veracity Insurance Solutions
Pamela Zeirott

6 years
Angelene Bonner
Laurie Clark
Deanna Crowe
Barbara Downey
Pamela Ernst
Feleciai Favroth
Cindy Heinemann
Kimberly McCarty
Donna Pixton-Hacker
Lynn Rodenroth

7 years
Gaily Baughman
Marcia Cunningham
David Fischer
Nina Gerhold
Barb DeLosSantos

8 years
Lori Nova Endres
Donna Johanson
Art Marko
Sheryl Matranga

9 years
Sharon Czekala
Kevin Dunn

10 years
Leigh O’Donnell

11 years
Cindy Christ
Mary Fountaine
Wanda Gillen
Bernadette Mayo
Kerri Mixon
JoAnne Somers

12 years
Margaret Neff
Shay and Company
Jackie Thompson
Sister Cathleen Timberlake

14 years
Val Marhefka

15 years
Marie Gale
Lebermuth Company

And the list grows longer every year…we can’t wait until it gets unmanageably long. Hats off to our longevity award winners (psst, if you’re wondering what the fuss is about, check us out right here).

Members are the reason the Guild exists, so cheers to you!

Conference Highlights: 2013 Longevity Awards

Every year at the Annual Conference, we celebrate members who have been with us for half a decade or more. (If you’re in the handcrafted cosmetic industry and you’re not a member, hello, why not?! Check out more about membership here.)

Anyway, this cake is great. It's so delicious and moist.

This year, at our 2013 conference in Raleigh, we sent a great, big cheer to the following members celebrating their 5 year anniversary with the guild:

Connie Dubois

Carmen O’Dell

Angelene Bonner

Maria Gelnett

Cindy Heinemann

Stephanie Dockter

Pamela Ernst

Donna Pixton-Hacker

Feleciai Favroth

Kimberly McCarty

Susan Jack

We also took a moment to recognize the members who have been with us 10 years. A decade ago, the HSCG was still the HSMG. We had less than half the membership we have today and the annual conference was held in a much smaller venue in Tucson (how do you like that trip in the wayback machine?). Congratulations to our 10-year veterans for seeing us through thick and thin, the addition of many benefits, and lots and lots of growth:

Julia Bundy

Kerri Mixon

Wanda Gillen

Are you a member yet??  HSCG membership is open to companies handcrafting soaps and cosmetics as well as private labelers and suppliers of the industry. Check out some of the benefits of being a member of the HSCG; we could be celebrating your anniversary a decade from now!

Psst…we’ve filled 57 slots for the 2014 conference, to be held at the Loews Ventana Canyon in Tucson. Don’t be left in the cold; sign up now!