Hew to the Dues News

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Hear ye, hear ye, new dues are coming! The new HSCG Board of Directors held their annual strategy meeting this June, specifically approving a 2014-2015 budget which includes new benefits, programs, and services for our membership, as well as provisions for hiring new employees to maintain customer service for our fast-growing membership. (And trust us, if you could see the … Read More

New Member Bonus Starting NOW

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Have you heard the news? Join the HSCG in April, May, or June and we’ll pay for your certification! If you’ve been thinking about joining the HSCG, we have a first-time ever deal to sweeten the pot. As an organization, we have exceeded 2,400 members and want to keep headquarters busy right up to 2,500 members and beyond. Join us … Read More

Member Card Comeback

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Do you remember what happened when you used to renew your Guild membership? Perhaps you recall opening your mailbox to find that shiny folder of information with a membership card tucked very officiously in the front pocket waiting for you inside? Birds were chirping, your soap always behaved….okay, perhaps we embellish. Those rose-tinted glasses are addictive. If you joined in … Read More

2000 and Counting!

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The Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild is proud to announce that we have reached and surpassed the 2000 member mark! (Cue wild cheering!) Since 2011, we’ve grown 40%. How did we get there, you ask? September 2011 marked the establishment of an official HSCG headquarters (in lovely Saratoga Springs, New York) along with the hire of our first full time … Read More

Back to (Soap) School

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Welcome to September.  The days are slowly shortening, summer’s gradually winding down, and school is back in session, which makes this a perfect time to ponder continuing your education.  You don’t have to stop learning just because your formal schooling has ended.  In fact, many soapmakers don’t discover their passion until well after primary and secondary schooling is a distant … Read More

Show me the Bubbles!

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Have you ever heard of HSMG’s Golden Soap bubbles?  No, this is neither the latest soapmaking technique nor a batch gone horribly wrong, but the Guild’s referral program. Simply put, if you refer a soapmaker who becomes a member of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, you’ll receive Golden Soap Bubbles.  And what, you may ask, do you do with Golden Soap … Read More

9 Reasons Insurance is Worth Pondering

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If you sell your soap, you need insurance.  Despite your careful formulation, good manufacturing practices, and thorough testing, liability claims can happen to any business.  Here are nine reasons why having general, product, and professional liability insurance is a good idea: 9.  Mold infiltrates your beautifully packaged finished soap 8.  A student is hurt while following directions you gave them … Read More

The HSMG Acquires the Association of Artisan Businesses (AAB)

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The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild and Association of Artisan Businesses Reach an Acquisition Agreement Tuesday, August 31, 2010 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Marrijane Jones (AAB) or Gayle Vrla (HSMG) AAB phone –  1-800-542-6183 HSMG phone – 1-866-900-7627 AAB Email:    memberservices@artisanbusinesses.org HSMG Email:  info@soapguild.org The Association of Artisan Businesses (AAB) and The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild (HSMG) would like to jointly announce … Read More