Join the HSMG with Social Media

September 1, 2009

We’d like to invite you to connect with the Handcrafted Soapmakers
Guild on Social Media. Get connected! Increase your knowledge! Improve your

Social networking is a method of using free social websites, such as
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more to connect with friends in your trade.
These venues are ways to educate, share, and learn from Soapmakers just like
you, expanding your circle of valuable connections. We encourage you to join us
online and get real-time updates to everything going on with the HSMG.

HSMG on Facebook

Facebook is a friendly way to stay connected with people who have similar interests, expand your circle of friends, learn about businesses and grow your own business. To become a friend on our Facebook pages, go to: HSMG Facebook Page, HSMG Group, HSMG 2010 Conference

Facebook also offers extensive help and instruction if you need it to get started.

Questions about HSMG Facebook pages? Contact HSMG Social Media Committee
volunteer, Kim at
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Fabulous HSMG Merchandise!!

You may not have known, but the HSMG has some fabulous merchandise available!  In an effort to help soapmakers make themselves known as soapmakers, promote the handcrafted soap industry, and increase awareness of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, we have apparel and accessories for sale – all with the HSMG logo to clearly communicate your affiliation and support of soapmaking.

It really works!  When I left the 2009 Conference to go home, I was wearing my “Raise The Bar” T-Shirt (with the HSMG logo and name on the front and “Raise the Bar – Use Handcrafted Soap” on the back.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one to go home wearing one, because several people at the airport commented on “the soapmakers” who had been in Palm Springs.  One woman said she didn’t realize there was “such a large number of soapmakers” and we chatted a little about handcrafted soap.  I gave my business card to several people on my trip who asked about handcrafted soap.  Who knows how many others now have handcrafted soap on their minds and will be more likely to buy some when they see some – just because of a T-Shirt!

My favorite, though, are the soap necklaces!  They are really well made, come in a variety of colors, and so clearly communicate the concept of “handcrafted soap”.

Check out the merchandise!  It’s available to anyone (not just members) and can be purchased through our shopping cart.  Just go to the “HSMG Merchandise” and see what’s available.

Marie Gale
President, HSMG

2009 Pre-Conference Video

Leigh, LaShonda and Christine Balch are at the Miramonte Resort, preparing for the Conference.  Leigh shot a brief video – take a look!