Member Spotlight: Alabu Skin Care

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Ed. Note: When we asked Maryclaire Mayes, founder of Alabu Skin Care, for Alabu’s founding story, her response was so nicely put we decided to publish it in its entirety. Grab a mug of tea, sit back, and enjoy! “People always ask me how we got into the adventure of our natural skin care business. I always thought I was … Read More

Put Yourself on the Map

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You’ve seen this before. Usually when you are searching for a store. Well, what about all the rabid fans of handcrafted soap? How are they supposed to get their fix? Where do they go to find handcrafted soap? Enter the (wait for it) Store Locator (yeah, baby, yeah). This handy, dandy locator works just like you’d think a store locator … Read More

Member Spotlight: Fire and Ice Handmade Soaps

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An undying love and respect for handmade soap drove Stephanie Seagle, owner of Fire and Ice Handmade Soaps, into business. Stephanie relates, “I have always loved handmade soap. I started with melt and pour…read up on cold process soap making and just jumped right in.” In business for a year now, Fire and Ice Handmade Soaps joined the Guild six … Read More

Classes in Your Neck of the Woods

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You checked out that book (or bought it on Amazon) and are feeling just a wee bit intimidated. Your cold process batch turned into a volcano post-molding, unintentionally leading to really, really clean countertops and floors. That melt and pour bar turned your skin blue in the shower or made you look like you were reenacting a scene from Psycho. … Read More

Member Spotlight: Mt. Lebanon Soap Company

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The birth of Christopher and Erin Csernica’s daughter was also the birth of their company, Mt. Lebanon Soap Company. The symmetry is perfectly fitting as proceeds from the company serve a very special purpose for Summer, born with genetic disorder trisomy 21. “We decided we wanted something to teach her, give her skills over the course of her life, with … Read More

Lye Calculators for All!

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If you’re a new soapmaker, welcome to your new addiction! There are many kinds of soapmaking that don’t involve you needing to handle lye, like rebatching or hand milling a pre-made soap base or the extremely versatile melt and pour style of soapmaking (commonly sold in stores as “glycerin soap”). For those of you who want to make a cold … Read More

Member Spotlight: Southern Girl Soapery

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While in business and an HSCG member for just over a year, Southern Girl Soapery proprietor and soapstress Stephanie Hamling has been formulating for over a decade. As Stephanie recalls, “I began making soaps as teenager. With intense allergies to many chemicals and fragrances used in bath and body products, I wasn’t left with many commercial options. Over the last … Read More