Member Spotlight: Simmons Natural Bodycare

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For Simmons Natural Bodycare, it all started with a classic soapmaking tome: Ann Bramson’s Soap – Making It, Enjoying It. Allergies and sensitivies to the fragrances and colors available commercially drove Dottie Simmons and her husband to make their own. It became gifts, then an easy addition to their craft fair table, eventually launching into a business. 32 years later, … Read More

Member Spotlight: Radiant Fettle

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Quiet, radiant soulfulness emanates from skincare and wellness company Radiant Fettle. You truly get a sense for Radiant Fettle’s heart in talking to owner Kelly Jacobi. Soapmaking is Kelly’s way to honor her mother’s long ago “dabblings in the creation of soaps and other skincare products” and to keep her mother’s spirit alive after her untimely passing. Kelly explains, “I … Read More

There’s a New Store in Town!

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Did you catch the news earlier this month? We are excited to announce a new discount, exclusively for members, on your very own website (yup, no more sharing your ecommerce site with someone else or lots of someone elses. You can hog, I mean, have this one all to yourself, bwa ha ha haaaa). HSCG has partnered with Volusion to … Read More

Member Spotlight: P.S. I Love Soap Co.

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What better company to feature on Valentine’s Day than one which proudly proclaims their love for soap? (Yes, we’re pretty proud of ourselves.) It’s apparent that Pam Saldutti, owner of P.S. I Love Soap Co., has a major love affair with soap. Enter the P.S. I Love Soap Co. lens through Pinterest. There, you get to see the evolution of … Read More

Dash on Over for Early Bird Savings

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It’s that time. Holiday madness is finally over, corporate taxes are filed (maybe), and cocoa butter and rose fill the air as you ship out Valentine’s Day orders, or maybe just the Valentine’s Day bath you are drawing for yourself during this unusually chilly year. Before you get too deep into that rose petal and lemongrass-induced reverie, make sure you … Read More

Member Spotlight: Honestly Simple Soaps

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As any soapmaker will tell you, soapmaking is a slippery slope. Upon learning how to make soap, you discover that you have raw ingredients to make many, many other cosmetics. And then, of course, it seems like a waste to not put all those amazing oils to good use. Such is the story behind Honestly Simple Soaps. Owner Heather Albrecht … Read More

Rates are going down; we’re yelling TIMBER!

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The HSCG is excited to announce that our rates for general and product liability insurance have been reduced by $20 per year! This is big, fat, honking news! Alright, so insurance doesn’t sound sexy, but trust us, it is. Imagine this: You make products. You sell products. Everything’s going great, until that day that someone’s dog reacts negatively to their … Read More