Member Spotlight: A Wild Soap Bar LLC

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Walking through Soap Bartender Maggie Hanus’ production area recently, you may have stumbled over several hundred pounds of soap in process. “Inspired back in 1995 by Sandy Maine’s “The Soap Book”, I taught myself how to make soap through trial and error and haven’t been able to stop ever since!” Maggie is part of the team behind Texas-based A Wild … Read More

Member Spotlight: K.I.S.S. Keeping It Simple Soap

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Shock, fear, and anxiety typically accompany the loss of a full time job. For Kathy Bosk, owner of Keeping It Simple Soap (K.I.S.S), it was the impetus to start a company. And oddly enough, it was her daughter who introduced Kathy to soapmaking. Two and a half years after its genesis, New Hampshire-based Keeping It Simple Soap carries lotion bars, … Read More

Member Spotlight: Fish Princess Farm

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In shops spanning California’s central coastline, from Sausalito to Carmel, you’ll find soap and lotion from a company named Fish Princess Farm. Who on earth would name their company Fish Princess Farm? And how does a company with such a silly name have such beautiful packaging? We knew there was a story here and so, off we went to search … Read More

Get more out of your conference experience with Intensive Seminars

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You’re making the investment to come to HSCG’s 2014 Conference, May 20-22, in Tucson, Arizona. How would you like to get some extra class time in while you’re there? You can do that with our in-depth seminar sessions. There are four intensive seminars being held on Monday, May 19th, the day before the conference officially begins.  These are hands-on, intensive … Read More

Member Spotlight: spoon -handmade herbal soap & more-

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Many cosmetic handcrafters report falling in love with making soap after experiencing the skin-loving benefits of a handmade bar of soap. California-based Kiyoko Puyaoan, started her handmade journey and her company, spoon, after her handmade skin lotion had achieved what no other cosmetic or medicine had, clearing an eczema so bad it had earned her the childhood nickname “red panda”. … Read More

2014 Conference: The Soapy Trail

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Don’t think that you have to be a seasoned professional to attend HSCG’s annual conferences. They are, in fact, perfect for soapmakers of all skill levels. And since we started as the Soap Guild, you can bet that we have some of the best soapmaking sessions around (not that we brag…much). Today, we’re presenting this year’s HSCG conference speakers who … Read More

Member Spotlight: Talkeetnagirl Designs, LLC

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Living in Alaska is incredibly rough on the skin, so using soap that doesn’t lead to dry, cracked skin is a tall order. Karen P Harvey, owner, designer, creator, and cleanup crew for Talkeetnagirl Designs, makes soap that more than lives up to the challenge. “It always amazes me that such simple ingredients can make such luscious creams and balms. … Read More

Happy New Year!

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Just like that, 2013 is gone. Happy 2014 from HSCG headquarters! Gosh, it seems like just yesterday that is was March or July or October. Are you reflecting on 2013? Did you have a favorite moment, something that went unreservedly right for your business? Are you already looking forward into 2014, planning what will be a transformative moment for yourself … Read More