Member Spotlight: Harriet’s Little Soap Co., LLC

Visitors to the Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show may have been lucky enough to catch Harriet Scheib in action. Harriet runs the Lakewood, Colorado-based Harriet’s Little Soap Company. Asked about her inspiration, Harriet shares, “I have always had an interest in the environment and natural products. Goat milk soap made with organic ingredients helps me keep the world a little cleaner and more beautiful. By using pure organic ingredients, formulating products that work and being creative I have established a successful business. My many clients return with comments about how much they enjoy using the …products. They notice the improvement in their skin with the skin care products and the way their muscles feel after using the Bath Salts and Sore Muscle Rub.”


After 12 years in business and 7 years as an HSCG member, Harriet’s Little Soap Company is still introducing new skin loving products and continues to grow. You’ll find Harriet’s Little Soap Company carried in a variety of retail stores, at select shows and markets in Colorado, and, of course, online. Harriet’s currently carries a variety of skin and body-pleasing products, including goat milk soap and sample sets, moisturizing bath milks and salts, clay masks, facial steam herbs, lip balm, shea butter, lotion sticks, and sore muscle rub.


If you’re wandering the aisles of Harriet’s Little Soap Company in wonder, do try the sore muscle rub and a bar of the goat milk soap (we may be partial to the fisherman’s friend, but you’ll find more than a dozen scents to please and a few unscented varieties, all beautifully wrapped and topped off with a bow). Both are wonderful palliatives. Harriet shares that her favorite product are the soap samplers. “Wrapping the soap is like stringing beads. It is very calming.”

Thanks, Harriet, for introducing us to Harriet’s Little Soap Company. Here’s to the next 12 years!

Grab Your Early-Early Bird Discounts Before They Fly the Coop!

The HSCG’s 17th annual conference is still nearly six months away. But, my friends, you should be thinking about it now.

That’s right. Go ahead, put down the stick blender, stop researching who can send you 3000 labels to replace the ones that you thought you had but ended up being the wrong color and half an inch too short, leave that wax to contemplate it’s melting fate, pause a moment in between making a hundred pounds of whipped butter, and listen up. Those labels can wait, we have pressing news to relate: the early-early bird registration special ends in five short days. Five!!

That’s right, your chance to attend our Annual Conference happening May 20-22, 2014, in Tucson, Arizona, at the spectacular Loews Ventana Canyon for the lowest possible price expires Monday, December 2.

Take off // Despegue

And we’re telling you now because we know that those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Thanksgivukkah this week will be in a food coma – and possibly a sugar high – after that Thursday evening meal that can only serve to addle your brain through the end of the holiday season. And we don’t want you to miss out on a $200 discount. Full price registration is $669, but the early-early bird special gets you registered for $469. Not bad, right? We can think of a few places we could use an extra $200 – maybe some of those fragrances you’ve been eyeballing, oooh, or that new scale, or the sexy-yet-all-business silicone tool sets, or, or…but we digress.

Miss the speaker announcements on Twitter and Facebook? Check out our Pinterest conference board to see them all at a glance, read our past blog features on speakers focusing on business and cosmetic topics, and make your way to the 2014 Conference pages on the website to read about speakers, conference topics, even the current schedule.

Flamingo take off

So what does your registration fee include? Not only does your registration fee get you into all of the conference sessions, but also networking events, all special events, the awards dinner, the exhibitor hall, a goodie bag, an entry into one of the fabulous raffles, and a lot of food (not every meal, but certainly enough to make you want to skip the ones not covered – just saying!).

Registration does not include your room and board, so don’t forget to book the hotel (pro tip: finding a roommate is a great way to have a conference-going buddy and helps make the conference super-affordable).

Headquarters will be closed today – Wednesday, November 27th – through the end of the week. If you have any trouble registering over the weekend, set your alarm and call headquarters bright and early Monday, December 2. The early-early bird special expires at 4pm Eastern on Monday.

Don’t delay, sign up today!

Member Spotlight: BC Spirit Soap

Talking to BC Spirit Soap owner Linda Buffy, you can truly feel the gentle spirit that infuses her soap and body care line. In business for two decades, it was the chance meeting of a gifted bar of castile with the desire to raise funds for a non-profit that set Linda on the path to starting BC Spirit Soap. Linda recalls, “A friend of mine in California gifted me a bar of olive oil soap she had made and I loved it so much she gave me the recipe over the telephone after I had gotten [back to what was then] home in Idaho. I put the idea on the back burner but 3 years later decided to make a batch. After one year of many trials and errors, I finally got the soap just right.” Later on, looking to raise money for a non-profit organization, a jeweler friend invited Linda to share a table at a local market. Little did she know it would grow into the line it is today.


You’ll find BC Spirit Soap at select holiday fairs in the Kootenays as well as at the EcoSociety market in Nelson, British Columbia, in addition to the online store. And yes, aside from solid shampoo bars, tooth soap, body misters, salves, salt and sugar scrubs, creams, perfume, and more, BC Spirit Soap still carries olive oil soap in a variety of natural scents.

Customers rave about BC Spirit Soap’s multifunctional pearly girl creams, one of Linda’s favorite products to make. They’re available in rose, lavender, tangerine, vanilla, peppermint/arnica, and an unscented variety infused with calendula. The rose and lavender are especially lovely, light, non-greasy facial moisturizers in addition to hand and foot cream use.


Asked about her journey into soapmaking, Linda advises, “Follow your passion! I have met so many interesting peoples with my vocation and the feedback makes one so happy when a person tells you how much your product has benefitted them. I have had tears in my eyes when I hear some of their stories about folks using my soap and healing salves, etc and how much it helps them.”

Thank you BC Spirit Soap, for letting us peek behind the scenes!