May 2014 Conference: The Cosmetic Track

Warm apple cider in steaming mugs, cinnamon wafting through the air, cooling temperatures, leaf peeping (should you be so lucky as to live in a deciduously-blessed area), and a mad dash towards the holidays. Yup, fall has most definitely arrived. So why are we talking about next spring? Well, May 20, 2014 marks the start of our wildly popular 3-day (3 ½ if you come in early for pre-conference seminars) Annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona. And the early-early bird special expires in the next month. Being of the mind that discounts are good, we don’t want the potential craziness of the next few months to prevent you from taking advantage of discounted conference rates (that may cause wailing and gnashing of teeth and nobody wants to be responsible for that or the clean-up).

To that end, take a break from the body butter whipping, soapmaking, packaging, and paperwork to check out a few of the speakers you’ll see at the 2014 conference. We’re proud to welcome speakers covering ground ranging from soapmaking to business topics. Today, we’re highlighting a few of the speakers covering cosmetic topics in Tucson next spring.

First up, Holly Port, Bath Fizzy Queen of Lotion Bar Cafe, who is ‘da bomb’, will show YOU how to keep bath fizzy production from getting you down in Mastering the Bath Bomb.

Holly Port

What might you need after a dip in the tub? How about a luscious whipped butter? Marla Bosworth, CEO and President of Back Porch Soap Company, will show you how to make butters minus the meltdown and more in Formulating Fantastic Body Scrubs & Whipped Butters.

Marla Bosworth

A good scrub and butter calls for a little sensory pampering with some eau de cologne. Or perhaps you just need a killer essential oil blend for your next product. Lori Nova Endres, founder and co-owner of The Nova Studio, LLC will make sure you and your customers smell good in Making Natural Perfume & Cologne 101.

Lori Nova

Finally, we are excited to introduce Christy Rose, owner and creative director of KBShimmer Bath and Body. Indie nail polish is exploding in popularity; Christy will give you a peek of the industry in Nailing New Trends: An Intro to Handmade Nail Polish.

Christy Rose

Enticed? Sign up now. Members receive an early-early bird discount ($200 off the full price!) of our 17th Annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona until December 2. Bookmark the 2014 Conference page. From the conference home page, you can get to even more detailed information on speakers, topics, the venue, competitions, and more. Don’t forget, you have a few more moments to refer new members and win a spot at the 2014 conference.

What cosmetic do you wish you had more time to develop this busy fall?

Member Spotlight: Neecy’s Necessities

Welcome to Feature Friday. Today, meet Neecy’s Necessities.

Neecy’s Necessities tag line, “Bliss made beautifully simple” is evident after strolling through the online store. In the shop, you’ll find bar soaps, shaving soaps, balms, body butters, lotions, hair conditioner, hand & body wash, wax tarts, gifts, and even beautiful purses to stash it all in.

NNRose and Teacup cover filtered

Owner Denise Gunter has been running the business five years now. “I’m a curious person by nature”, says Denise, “willing to try just about anything new in order to explore new areas,  so studying up on cold process [soapmaking] after starting with hot process [soapmaking] was fun, then I went into lotion making, then tried lip balms, then moved into liquid soaps and finally cream soaps. I’ve found that it’s yet another creative outlet that gives back something useful (no calories either!), while fostering the love of being artistic, creative and productive.”

It’s no surprise to find out that Denise has a seriously crafty streak. “My goal”, she says, “is to produce the best lathering soap that can possibly be created, one that leaves my skin soft, clean, and lightly fragranced with a scent that doesn’t overwhelm, but teases gently.”


It’s not just the soaps that get Denise’s exacting touch. Body butters are typically heavier than lotions and Neecy’s Necessities stays true to the genre while avoiding heavy, greasy butters. “I’ve crafted a body butter that is whipped up light, creamy and some are lightly exfoliating so rough areas grow smoother over time with use. My hair conditioner and lotion is light, doesn’t clog your pores or leave your hair greasy feeling and can be left unscented or scented to match any of the shampoos or bar soaps we keep in stock.”

You can buy the entire Neecy’s Necessities  line through the website, but that’s not the only way to stay in touch. Visit Neecy’s Necessities blog and facebook page to get previews of every product before they reach the site. You’ll find visual inspiration from Neecy’s pins. Finally, follow Neecy’s Necessities on twitter for the latest and greatest shop announcements.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Hand & Body Wash

If your head is spinning with all the options, you must try hands-down customer favorite ‘Fresh Air’ scented Hand and Body Wash. Denise says customers are “captivated instantly by the fresh clean scent every time!”

As a new member of the Guild this year, Denise appreciates having insurance coverage. “It gives me peace of mind to know that someone has my back in the event that something happens, though I’m hopeful that it’s never necessary to put it to the test.”

Thanks, Denise, for taking us on a stroll through Neecy’s Necessities – here’s to the next 5 years of success!


The Answer is 72

Wondering what the question is? We are working on 72 different policies to bring before the membership in our upcoming Annual Meeting, being held onsite during the 2014 Annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona (and open to every member, whether attending the conference or not).

Gustav Arthur (1902-2000) and Josephine Cooper

The last few years have been busy for the Guild. In 2011, we saw a pressing need for and hired an Executive Director to lead the organization on a full-time basis. Earlier this year, recognizing that many of our soapmaking members also produced, sold ingredients for, or were somehow intimately involved in handcrafted cosmetics, our membership decided to warmly welcome cosmetic crafters into the Guild. With the hiring of an Executive Director and the inclusion of cosmetic handcrafters into our mission, our HSCG policies are due for an overhaul.

Here’s what happening, by the numbers:

16 – new policies
15 – major revisions to old policies
19 – minor revisions to old policies
11 – cosmetic revisions (even less minor than minor) to old policies
11 – old policies that are no longer relevant recommended for deletion
5 – bylaws that require revision
6 – new policies required


After these 72, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the fun’s not over (those astute math-oriented types among you may have noticed this adds up to more than 72). There are still half a dozen policies in the works and various bylaw revisions required to get us up to date.

Expect the 2014 Annual Meeting in Tucson to be brimming with bylaw changes that will need your votes. Of course, anything requiring a member vote will be posted by late March 2014, 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting. Have a good rest after the holidays and get your critical reading eyes ready!

What ideas do you wish we’d implement to help out cosmetic makers?