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Ian Buffam is on a mission to stop soap mush (‘mush’ being a highly technical term for the substance caused by built-up moisture underneath a bar of soap while it’s floating in a non-draining soap dish or, horror of horrors, in the built-in water-collecting soap dishes thoughtlessly built into showers worldwide).


Ian owns Simply Body, a company he started in 2010 to provide his family’s soap nets to the world. His grandfather was the original mush-fighter. Tired of always finding an unintentionally semi-solid bar of soap within reach, Ian’s grandfather pioneered the idea of corralling soap within a net. Made of a hydrophobic non-absorbent polymer (try saying that three times fast), the net not only keeps bar soaps high and dry, they also provide gentle exfoliation (take that, rough heels!).  The soap nets last from six months to a year and (bonus!) are recyclable.


Today, Simply Body’s soap nets are handmade in Florida. They are, of course, the perfect accessory to handcrafted soaps (though who are we to judge if you’re dying to put a cream soap or a solid scrub inside?) and an excellent way to package end and sample-sized pieces of soap.


A member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild since its inception, you may have caught Simply Body sharing their soap net fervor with attendees at past HSCG conferences. If you haven’t had the chance to meet Ian and his crew at a conference, you can always find Simply Body online, say hi on twitter, and see where the soap net will pop up next out on the Facebook feed. Members, log in to check out the discounts Simply Body offers.

Keep the mush at bay while boosting lather and exfoliation, supporting handmade accessories, and get it all at a discount? We can get behind that!

Thanks, Ian, for giving us a sneak peek into Simply Body Soap Nets!

4 Comments on “Spotlight: Simply Body Soap Net”

  1. Been ordering these soap nets for a couple of years and just love, love, love them as do my customers.

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