Member Spotlight: Terralyn, Inc.

Welcome to Feature Friday. Today, meet Terralyn.

“Soap-making is my favorite – looking for new scent combos, colorants, molds, formulas,” says Terralyn’s Chief Soapmaker and Executive Skincare Formulator, Lynnette Manteau. Watching her grandmother and great grandmother take care of a farm and do everything from making candles to producing meals, keeping chickens, canning food, and sewing clothes, it’s no surprise that Lynnette would discover soapmaking. “Yes,” Lynette says, “they were extremely busy and tremendously accomplished. It was, simply, who they were.”

terralyn closeup

After learning soapmaking, Lynnette started Terralyn. Her family’s influence on Terralyn is clear. She slowly expanded Terralyn’s range, adding skin care products to the line of soaps. Seventeen years later, you’ll also find lotions, bath salts, body and facial scrubs, distillate waters, essential oils, and various other skin and personal care products in the Terralyn product line. Lynette’s also been a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild for 10 years. “Being a member is an honor, says Lynnette. “I love the discounts, especially on the insurance. I couldn’t be in business without the Guild.”

Lynette’s driven by using high quality ingredients, including organic ingredients, and crafts the vast majority of Terralyn’s product line by hand. Visit Terralyn on Facebook and at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


You’re sure to find many great options while visiting the Terralyn shop. If you’re looking for something new, try Terralyn’s Mighty Mud, which packs dead sea mud, rhassoul clay, and pascalite clay into one amazing facial masque. If you’re looking for something appropriate for the whole body, try house favorite Deep Forest, a soap with a scent mix that includes spruce, fir, and laurel leaf.

We’re honored to have you as a member, Lynette. Thanks for sharing the story of Terralyn!

Can I get a little REQUEST?

Have you ever wondered if a soapmaker could create a soap just for you?

Maybe you wanted a Pennsylvania-based soapmaker who would make Philadelphia bells for you. Maybe you had a novel ingredient you wanted to incorporate in a lip balm. Or you needed 300 heart-shaped soaps for a party. Or peppermint lotion wholesale to Iceland.

Perhaps you’re a soapmaker looking for new business?

Whether you have a request or are looking for a new opportunity, the Special Request section is here to help. With the launch of the new HSCG website last year, consumers gained a brand new way to communicate directly to Professional members.

 Help Wanted:  G O !

How it works for consumers:

On the Special Request page, enter your request and a few contact details. After you submit a special request, it is published to the members section of the website where professional members may view and respond to each request directly. Your email remains anonymous – members may reply to your request, but will not be able to view your contact information.

How it works for HSCG members:

Consumer special requests will appear in the Member section for members with professional handcrafter memberships. Hover over the Members column and navigate to Marketing Tools and Special Requests. You’ll see requests that have been submitted within the last thirty days. Each request will have the option to respond. Check out the video in this blog post for a tour of the Special Requests page.

Associate members, vendors, and private labelers will not see consumer requests. To see what type of membership you have, log in. The member home page will indicate if you have a Professional Membership in the “My Details” box on the right side of the page.


Help is on the way

There you have it – an easy, secure way to submit a request for anything your heart desires to our entire professional membership. And for professional members, easy access to customer requests and a hassle-free interface.

We hope you enjoy the new feature. Let us know if you have any questions on how to use it.

Member Spotlight: Incredible Soaps

Welcome to Feature Friday. Today, meet Incredible Soaps.

“Euphoria is just a wash away, try our soap today.” If it’s not Incredible Soaps’ tagline, it should be. Creator Lorrie Marling started making soap with her sister several years ago as an effort to combat her skin sensitivies. She enjoyed the feel and how gently handcrafted soaps treated her skin and her soapmaking quickly blossomed into Incredible Soaps.

incredible soaps line up

Based out of Janesville, Wisconsin, Incredible Soaps features glycerin soaps and liquid castile soap. Says creator Lorrie, “They are smooth and luxurious, containing no sodium lauryl sulfate.” If you’ve never tried Incredible Soaps, you must try the loofah soap. Available in a variety of scents and colors, the loofah soaps feature a clear soap base with a loofah sponge suspended inside. These are great natural exfoliating soaps with fantastic scents to match.

incredible soaps cranberry soap

Find Incredible Soaps locally at select shows throughout the year, the Rock County Farmers Market in Janesville, at several retail locations, and online.

Keep up with Incredible Soaps’ latest news and creations on their Facebook page and try Incredible Soaps for a refreshing move away from commercial soaps.

Thank you, Lorrie, for giving us a sneak peek at Incredible Soaps!