Conference Highlights: Newly Minted Soapers

Board secretary and Certification Chair Barb De Los Santos was very busy at this year’s conference in Raleigh certifying the latest batch of soapmakers. While proctored and group exams offer opportunities to be certified throughout the year, Annual Conferences are still the most popular method (and anybody who can ace the test after typical conference-induced sleep deprivation has truly earned it!).

Gold star

At this year’s Awards Dinner, we took a moment to celebrate the newest soapmakers joining the certified ranks:

Basic Cold Process/Hot Process Soapmakers  Basic Melt & Pour Soapmakers 
Mary Allen Angela Babin
Edna Billesberger Marla Bosworth
Michael Bosch Sharon Czekala
Marla Bosworth Holly Erickson
Al Bruns YuLi  Guo
Elizabeth Burns Jessica Molina
Sharon Czekala Dorothy Smith
Tarrin Davis
Juli Denike
Carrie Durkins Advanced Cold Process/Hot Process Soapmakers
Janis Emery Sharon Czekala
Bonnie Garrity Ruth Esteves
Becky Gentile Becky Gentile
Marcia Hagwood Marcia Hagwood
Jennifer Hofmann LiChing Liu
Bonnie Howard Natalie Moore
Carol Jones-Rodgers Naomi Murray
LiChing Liu Marilyn Schendel
Sheri Marshall Annie Shek
Helene Matteson
Anna Mckee
Natalie Moore Advanced Melt & Pour Soapmakers
Patricia Pike Sharon Czekala
Deborah Policichio
Carrie Seibert
Annie Shek

Three cheers to these amazing soapers (when will we award our first soapy PhD? More important, will it be you?).

Did you know certified soapmakers get a gold star in company listings? And are featured in listings to consumers? (Yeah, baby!) Find out all about the soapmaker certification process and how to get your very own gold star.

Congrats again to the 34 soapmakers who earned 43 certifications across 4 testing areas at the 2013 HSCG conference in Raleigh!

Thank Yous in Spades

The 16th Annual HSCG Conference has just wrapped up in Raleigh, North Carolina and we are fit to bursting to share all the details with you. While we catch our breath from the excitement of last week and recover from the travel back home, we would like to heartily thank the many individuals and companies that contributed to this year’s conference.

post conference clean up

From early mornings and late nights to complete loopyness by the last day (though to be fair, we were not the ones throwing flying monkeys during class), volunteers run the show (which also makes them hard to photograph – that constant movement leads to some blurry photos). We hope the volunteer force helped make your conference experience awesome this year! Here’s who you may have seen announcing speakers, ferrying supplies, giving directions, selling raffle tickets, tweeting madly and wearing tiaras:

Leigh O’Donnell Executive Director/Conference Coordinator
Al Gerhold Conference Coordinator Assistant
Tom Koenig Conference Coordinator Assistant
Teri Kalgren Conference Coordinator Assistant
Lauri Isle Speaker Coordinator
Tricia Samundsen Vendor Coordinator
Cheryl Peterson Sponsor/Donations Coordinator
Robin Schmidt Attendee Coordinator
Rosemarie Cunfer Soapers’ Showcase Coordinator
Wanda Gillen Conference ground crew
Jessie Hoffmeier Conference ground crew
Camryn O’Donnell Conference ground crew
Donna Pixton-Hacker Conference ground crew
Janette Mitchell Bookkeeper
Adam Grogin Videographer
Sebastian Vasquez Photographer
Cathleen Timberlake Board, President
Feleciai Favroth Board Vice President, Programs & Services chair
Julie Koenig Board Treasurer, Membership chair
Barb DeLosSantos Board Secretary, Certification chair
Beth Byrne Board, Public Relations chair
Jen Grimes Board, Social Media chair
Tami Thornton Board, Membership co-chair

Vendor Collaboration at the 2013 Conference

Did you love the goodie bags?? How about the prizes in the raffles? These companies are the reason why:

A+ Soapmaking Studio

Nature’s Garden Soap and Candle Supplies

Ace Soap Molds

Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild

The Nova Studio

Action Bag Company

Handmade Soap Coach

Nuscents Wholesale LLC

Aloha Molds

Jedwards Int. Bulk Natural Oils

Online Labels


The Lebermuth Company, Inc.

Pallas Athene Soap

Back Porch Soap Company

Lil’ Bud and Becky Pet Care Products

Pendergrass Inc


Lotion Bar Cafe

PGS Soap Holders

Boyer Corporation

Lucky Break Consulting

Printable Boxes

Bramble Berry

Making Cosmetics, Inc

Pure Essential Supply, Inc

Bulk Apothecary

Marie Gale

Sagescript Institute, LLC

Catania USA

Milky Way Molds

San Francisco Herb Co.

Certified Lye

Mission Peak Soap Products

Save On Scents

The Chemistry Store

Scientific Soap Making

Columbus Vegetable Oils / Soapers Choice

Monastery Scents

Shay & Company, Inc.

ECOM Cocoa

Monterey Bay Spice Company

Shepard Publications

Essential Depot

Soap Impressions

The Essential Oil Company

Mountain Rose Herbs

Essential Wholesale

Stephenson Group

For Crafts Sake

Nashville Wraps

Texas Beauty Labs

From Nature With Love

National Shrinkwrap

Veracity Insurance Solutions

Glorybee Foods

Natural Soap Registry

Wholesale Supplies Plus

Stay tuned – We’ll be back next week with more coverage from your 2013 Annual Conference.

Welcome to Raleigh, it’s #soapconf13 time!

The Welcome banner has been hung with care, conference crew is here and we can’t wait to see you at the 2013 Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild Conference, starting Friday (officially, that is, with pre-conference half-day sessions and a welcome reception Thursday).

welcome banner

Conference crew members have been landing over the past several days and are deep into preparations for the 16th annual HSCG conference. Volunteers were working behind the scenes Monday receiving and unloading scores of material. Tuesday, another wave of volunteers arrived to assemble attendee badges, organize speaker material, put together information packets, wrap goodies (oh, there WILL be gifts), wrap more goodies, and corral raffle prizes.

boxes coming in_HSCG2013 conf

Throughout the conference, you will find volunteers ready to help. Staff members will be wearing black and brown HSCG polos, conference committee members will be wearing teal HSCG polos, board of director members will be wearing purple HSCG polos, and you may even catch some of the hardworking conference committee ground crew wearing HSCG aprons. Conference committee members are here to help with any questions that you run into during the conference – just flag us down (and pardon our distraction as calls come through our headsets – for once, we really do have other voices in our heads).

For those of you on site early, join us Thursday at 7:00 pm for a pre-conference Welcome Reception in Grand Ballrooms 3 and 4 and get ready for the #soapconf13 tags to fly (read up on the details here).

HSCG Monday crew at dinner

In the meantime, if you see a bunch of soapmakers running around, that’s your ground crew preparing the hotel for the conference!

Come say hi and see you soon!