Spotlight: Shepherd’s Soap Sushi

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“‘I get so tired of looking at soap all day long,’ said no soapmaker ever” as the meme goes. Here at the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, we tend to agree. We recently spotted these sushi soaps out on the HSMG Facebook page and had to know how they came about.

“These were for a young teen’s birthday party,” explains Deb Petersen of Shelton, Washington-based Shepherd’s Soap Company. Deb, who specializes in cold process soapmaking, had a special request for something a little off-the-beaten path for birthday party favors – soap that looked like sushi. She quickly turned to a melt and pour soap base and a little ingenuity to execute the concept.

Using local sushi menus as a guide and utilizing PVC pipe and truffle molds, the sushi soaps quickly came to fruition. The biggest challenge, says Deb, was finding the sushi grass used in packaging the soaps. Google finally came to the rescue – in fact, if you’re interested in executing your very own sushi project, Deb has grass to spare.

“We had a blast. I am, and always have been, a cold process soapmaker, but I definitely see how melt and pour soapers have WAY too much fun.” We couldn’t agree more, Deb. Thanks for sharing your soap creations with us!

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever created with soap?

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