It’s Scholarship Time!

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Sharpen your pencils and tell us why you deserve a full ride to the 2013 HSMG Conference.  If you’ve been as eagerly counting down the days to next year’s conference as we have, but can’t afford it, we have some very good news.

Graduation Hat TossPhoto by Flickr member -Weng-. Used under a Creative Commons License.

Veracity Insurance Solutions is generously offering two full scholarships to the 2013 Conference, covering:

–        Conference registration

–        4 night stay at Hilton North Raleigh

–        $500 for travel and other expenses

These scholarships are available to any HSMG member who has contributed to the soapmaking community and has a financial need.  To be considered, log in to your HSMG account and download the scholarship application form.

Apply before January 31 for your chance to win a full ride to the 2013 Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conference.

2 Comments on “It’s Scholarship Time!”

  1. Hi there, I am new to the soapmakers guild. I live in Canada and have been following the soap makers for some time. I have always wanted to attend a conference but as a single parent having to juggle my finances, it has just not been a possibility for me. I am slowly starting my business with hopes of becoming a master teacher and meeting all of the lovely people I see on you tube and all the soap sites I visit. I believe I would benefit greatly from attending this conference, not only will it help my business grow, but I will be able to learn so much and would be so greatful for this opportunity. I am so passionate about handmade products and want to learn as much as I can. I hope I can be chosen for this honor.

    Charlene Kelly

  2. Hi, Charlene,

    We’d love to help you get to this year’s conference. Assuming you’ve already submitted your scholarship application, best of luck! If not, let me know if you need any help navigating the website.


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