HSMG Soapmaker Membership Has It’s Benefits!

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Membership in the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild definitely has its benefits! Some of our newest benefits are some of the BEST we offer! How many of you use some kind of software to help you in your soapmaking business? How many use a pre-made software that was made for Cooks (like CookMaster) or an accounting software like PeachTree or QuickBooks for accounting, that also track inventory or just an Excel Spreadsheet you created on your own or perhaps borrowed from someone else to help you keep track of your recipes, raw materials, and inventory?

How many of you are using the “customized” SoapMaker software that was actually created FOR Soapmakers? I, for one, do! I have been using the SoapMaker Software for several years.

NOW HSMG Members can get this incredible software at a DISCOUNT! Login to the HSMG Member Area on our website to take advantage of this special exclusive member pricing .


It is available to you through Soapequipment at: http://www.soapequipment.com. If you have a computer that you use for your business, this software is fantastic and should help you

  • keep excellent records of all your vendors
  • the purchase price of your raw materials
  • your inventory for re-ordering
  • customer information
  • and even the physical properties of your soap bars for each recipe you create within the software.
  • It also will track your cost per item and profit margins!

This software is incredible! However it will require a fair amount of your time as you key in the   various bits of information that makes your business what it is:

  • Vendor Names and Addresses
  • Customer Names and Addresses – perhaps even a note about their favorite products or scents so you make sure to notify them when you are having a special on those products.
  • Once you get all your raw materials into the system including your labels and costs, you can create your recipes and the system will tell you exactly how much it cost you to make the entire batch as well as the cost “per unit” so you can better price your soaps.

Another HUGE benefit of this system is that it not only tracks inventory and recipes for soapmaking, but several other products as well, and you can also use it to make Liquid Soap and Cream Soap recipes with their Pop-Up Lye Calculator. With the economy the way it has been the last several years, many of us have had to increase our product offering to more than just soap. You can also add ingredients, bottle/container costs for other products like Lip Balm, Lotion, Bath Fizzies, Sugar Scrubs, and more!

The SoapMaker Software can convert to Metric Units, you can print reports like Purchase History, Shopping List for replenishing supplies, Production, Taxes, Sales History, and you can even get a list of all the recipes you have that use a particular ingredient (in case you get a custom order from someone who wants every product you make that has Olive Oil).

There is also something called a “Benchmark” recipe in the system for a “perfect” bar, or a soap bar that has a perfect balance of properties; Hardness, Fluffy Lather, Stable Lather, and Moisturizing are the qualities that you can use as a benchmark for all of the recipes you add into the system. I LOVE this feature!! You can create your own recipes for soap bars and then check the final soap bar properties against the benchmark recipe to determine if you want to make any changes to the ingredients in your recipe before you even make a batch. This way you can better determine the final outcome of your batches before you even use one drop of your raw materials. Batches can easily be re-sized with little thought or effort and the calculations will be correct, the SAP Values of many base oils, and so much more!

For those of you who already use this incredible software, you know how amazing it is. If you haven’t upgraded to their newest software, I highly recommend it, there are many more additions to the functionality of this software that will help you be more efficient in your business. For those of you who have not yet used this software or really have heard much about it, here is a link to their SoapMaker 3 Guided Tour to help you see all the incredible things it can do for you  http://www.soapmaker.ca/TourFiles/Tour.htm

2 Comments on “HSMG Soapmaker Membership Has It’s Benefits!”

  1. I use this and LOVE it! I purchased previously so didn’t use the discount but it’s worth every penny, dollar, cent, etc. In fact, I’m holding onto my PC just to use this software. Would love to transition to a MAC but still need my Soapmaker! 🙂

  2. I have been using this program for about 5 months and really like it. It is well worth it. Thanks Donna for the great overview!
    HSMG Vice President

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