Don’t Forget the Sunblock

The Miami sun is deceptively strong. Make sure to use plenty of sunblock to avoid painful sunburn. Even if you are in the sun a lot, the tropical sun can burn very quickly.

If you brought sunblock from home, be sure to check the expiration date. Out of date sunblock may not offer the protection that its SPF number predicts. According to Dr. Rachel Herchenfeld’s article in the Washington Post, many sunblocks contain ingredients that don’t have a long shelf life.  Better be safe than sorry.

Another strategy is to cover up. Wearing light, long-sleeved shirts and sun hats can also minimize exposure.

Enjoy the beautiful, tropical weather in Miami.

Incredible food and networking, too!

There is no denying that the food at the HSMG conference is out of this world!  The picture on the left is from a dessert table from last year’s conference.

Meals at the conference are a great time to meet new soapmakers and vendors.  Take time to enjoy a meal with someone new.  You won’t be sorry.

While breaking bread, the conversation may drift to soap, supplies, shows, certification testing, and more.  The breadth of experience that our members and conference attendees have is amazing. Meal time is a great place to learn and make new friends while at the conference.

Your Conference Packet

After  you pick up your registration packet for the conference, take the time to read through it. The packet contains your road map for selecting workshops; learning more about the sponsors, vendors, and speakers; and general information that will enhance your conference experience. Important information for the annual meeting will also be included in your folder. Don’t forget to  look for your ballot for the Soapers’ Showcase.