Dozens of Beautiful Soaps to be Showcased in Miami

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2010 Soaper's Showcase

Would you like to have your handcrafted soaps showcased in Miami?

If you answered yes, then enter the 2011 Soaper’s Showcase at the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild 2011 conference. During the conference attendees (as well as other hotel guests) stop by to appreciate the fine array of unique soaps on display, all produced by that our members.

The Soaper’s Showcase is one of many highlights of the conference.  Dozens of entries will be on display, showing various techniques that our members use to create their beautiful soaps. Variations in color, shape, fragrance, and presentation are apparent in each soap. While many of the soaps have  ingredients in common, each soaper’s hand makes their soap individual and unique.

The Soapers’ Showcase is open to all members of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild. Soapmakers may enter up to three soaps into the Showcase under the following categories (one soap per category): Best Scent M&P, Best Appearance M&P, Best Packaging M&P, Best Scent CP/HP, Best Appearance CP/HP, Best Packaging CP/HP, Something Different M&P/CP/HP, and Best in Show M&P/CP/HP (all soaps are automatically entered)

Entry forms will be included in your registration package at the conference, in email to registered attendees, or by downloading the form from our site. During the conference, attendees will submit ballots for their favorite soaps in each category. Awards will be presented at the banquet.

At the end of the conference, all soaps submitted to the Soapers’ Showcase will be donated to a local non-profit shelter in the Miami area. This is a wonderful opportunity to show off  your beautiful handcrafted soap and also help a good cause.

Want to see last year’s Soaper’s Showcase? Photos from the conference are posted on Facebook.

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