Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2011 HSMG Conference in Miami

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Reason #9: Outstanding, informative speakers!

The HSMG goal is to provide you so much powerful information you will go to bed each night with “your head swimming with knowledge”.  We have more than 14 presenters scheduled including 2 keynote speakers and 20+ different sessions for you to choose from and we are adding more everyday.  That does not even include the ½ day seminars being offered on 5/17/11, topics include Product Labeling, M&P and QuickBooks for fun & profits. Just to get a taste of the high caliber of speakers we have planned for you below is a partial list:

Marla Bosworth
Barbara Corcoran
Kevin Dunn
Kayla Fioravanti
Marie Gale
Alicia Grosso
Cynthia Mackey
Jeff Many, CPA
Joan Morais
Debbie May
Larry Plesent
Daryle Stafford
Robert Tisserand
Jennifer Welch

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