HSMG Members Exhibit at the Orlando Gift Show!

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Orlando Show

They are having a blast and the reports are good!

As you may know, the HSMG was offered a booth at both the Orlando and Las Vegas Gift Shows in 2011run by Wholesale Crafts and the American Craft Retailers Expo.  We selected 3 soapmakers to participate with us and exhibit their wares for the Orlando show.  The Orlando, FL Show is currently running.

Members Julie Koenig kreativekraftwerks, Candy Sweeney Nakee’ Natural and Deb Richards Big Fat Soap Co give us their report:

This is an awesome show. Very well organized, staff are very accommodating. Very pleased with the wide array of handcrafted products. Buyer traffic was steady yesterday. We distributed many HSMG soap brochures with our booth number and websites listed on the back. Five orders were written from our booth today and we hopefully made more contacts for more sales tomorrow. Many, many pamphlets were handed out today. The Guild is invited back again next year.  Cold front going through Florida with lows in the 30s at night but it still beats the below zero temps in the Midwest which is where we are all from. Candy (Michigan) will be the referee today while the Packers (Julie) play the Bears (Deb). The Guild couldn’t have planned that any better! ;-). We are so thankful to the Guild for this opportunity. Three strangers are now friends and have been sharing many business ideas, experiences, etc. We have realized we have much more than just soap in common!!

This is a wonderful opportunity for the selected members to exhibit products in a major gift show without taking on the booth fee themselves.

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