HSMG Blog Spotlight – Serendipity SoapSmiths – Rethink Your Soap!

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Daniel and Erin are two people that left the rat race to pursue the world of artisanal soapmaking in their Brooklyn home. Erin is in charge of production and recently earned a skin therapists license in order to help produce better soaps, lotions and scrubs. Dan handles all matters concerning sales, marketing and identity creation. They just made it through their first year in one piece and are looking forward to a prosperous future.

Daniel and Erin tell it like it is:

Why we do what we do…

We have all been duped. We have been made to think that soap is something bought only for price and that all bars do the same thing. Who duped us? The accountants of the large commercial soap houses. They convinced us that our skin wasn’t really that important and that their chemical clones of simple “soaps” were enough to satisfy our needs.

Read all about their change of careers here.

Soapsmiths ares now making a line of beer soaps for the Brooklyn Brewery. How cool is that?

Friend them on facebook at Serendipity Soapsmiths and watch one of their internet commercials with a simple youtube search for the word “soapsmiths”. Here’s one:

Regarding joining the HSMG – “We wanted to work within the handmade community to find like minded companies. Rather than view other members as competition, we enjoy enjoy email brainstorming sessions with fellow producers. I mean c’mon, if we are ever going to get people past Irish Springs, we will have to stick together.”

Serendipity Soapsmiths want their potential customers to ask themself, “Is your soap doing you more harm than good?”

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