Handcrafted Soapmaker’s Guild Credit Card Processing Program

HSMG Programs and Services Keeps it Coming!  Another NEW Member Benefit!

Looking for a better merchant account solutions?

We are pleased to announce that the HSMG is now offering a discounted merchant services program to the membership.

This benefit is available to both Soapmaker and Vendor members.  There are low rates for credit card, debit card and check processing, no application fee and all the tools you will need to accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


The internet is the fastest growing opportunity for people to start a business and begin making money. This is your opportunity to be your own boss and dictate how much money you will make. There is no better time to start your business than right NOW!

Don’t wait any longer to begin processing payments online with this FAST and EASY process to set up your Immediate Merchant Account. It is as easy as filling out a form.

With your Credit Card Merchant Account you will receive:

  • Immediate Online Setup
  • Toll Free Phone Support 24/7
  • Fast and Reliable transactions
  • Full Online reporting
  • Secured Transactions
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Free Webstore at SoapGuildStores.com

What? A fee free customizable web store at SoapGuildStores.com! Yes, it’s true!  A new fantastic member benefit!

Taken advantage of your new member benefit yet?  All members are eligible for a free webstore at SoapGuildStores.com. The store may be used to actually sell products and take orders or as a brochure site directing visitors to your main eCommerce site.

You will get a manual which is your resource guide to getting started and obtaining success in online sales.   Your Soap Guild Store will have these categories.The guide is your resource to getting started and obtaining success in online sales. If you have any questions that are not covered in this manual, please email us at administration@soapguild.org.

To obtain a store, you will need to email the following information to this address:  administration@soapguild.org

1. Your Name

2. Address, City, State, Zip

3. Your Email

4. Your Phone Number

5. Desired Store URL (www.soapguildstores.com/yoururl)

6. Desired Store Name

7. Desired Store Username

8. Desired Store Password (can be changed at a later time)

You will be notified by email that your store has been activated and is ready for use.  Just follow the easy manual to set up your FREE store! Wow!

I know Members won’t pass this up so I’ll say now, Congratulations on registering your store at SoapGuildStores.com!