HSMG Denver Conference Video is here! It was Fabulous!

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Did you join us in Denver for the 13th Annual Conference for three days jam packed with 18 great speakers, 3 fabulous parties, exciting prizes and 300 of your fellow soapmakers? Did you hear Senator Carol Moseley Braun explain the structure of the American government so you finally understand how it works? “Jump(ed)” with Donna Maria Coles Johnson to the … Read More

Personal Care Truth or Scare, Information Based on Scientific Facts

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Lisa M. Rodgers, founder of Cactus & Ivy and Kristin Fraser Cotte, founder of The Grapeseed Company are soapmakers extraordinaire that are making a difference through their joint website www.personalcaretruth.com. They founded personalcaretruth.com to deliver scientific based information on what’s in personal care products to YOU. Their definition of YOU? Lisa and Kristin have been researching cosmetic ingredients for decades … Read More