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In 1996 Debbie May was working as a registered nurse and unexpectedly gave birth to a disabled daughter. As her family struggled, Debbie learned the art of soap making and eventually started a small home based business named “May Showers”. Her products eventually sold coast-to-coast through retail stores, craft shows, home parties, and fundraisers. The money earned allowed her to pay the extra medical bills and put food on the table.

In 1998 Debbie was at a craft show and was approached by a woman hand making holiday ornaments. This woman asked Debbie if she was willing to teach her how to make soap. She went on to explain that she needed to learn a good selling craft to supplement her household income because her husband had recently lost his job. Debbie quickly said yes and gave this woman private classes. It was at that time that Debbie realized that her situation was not unique and many families could use help and extra money to “make ends meet.” Debbie was excited and passionate about helping others and it was this enthusiasm that led Debbie’s mother, Karen, to buy her a used computer. It was this computer that allowed Debbie to take care of the kids during the day and teach online classes (through chat lists and message boards) at night.

1999 Debbie May established Wholesale Supplies Plus as a means to provide the public with affordable, professional quality soap making, skincare and candle making supplies. The company offers home based businesses the same access to high quality materials that had previously only been available to large businesses. Due to the company’s success, within 5 years Debbie’s husband Dave left his job teaching high school and came to work for Wholesale Supplies Plus.

Although the company has grown, every customer is still given individual attention and the highest level of customer support. The company motto remains “Your Success Is Our Business”. Wholesale Supplies Plus currently stocks over 2,000 products that are packaged and ready to ship. They employ over 35 staff members and continue to help over 100,000 customers.

Because Debbie and her husband Dave have been personally touched by Autism, when you place your order with wholesale supplies plus you will have the opportunity to make a donation to Life Center for Autism; a charity they established to honor their commitment to give back to the community in which they operate. Life Center for Autism has the mission to socially enhance the lives of those who struggle with autism spectrum disorders.  This is a federally recognized charity and Wholesale Supplies Plus will gladly match all customer donations.

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  1. Debbie,
    I had never heard your story before about how you got into the soap business! I have ordered from you before in the past “10 years?” Maybe more? But this puts a whole new light? On who I order from – I would much rather order from an individual than a large corporation!!! Glad to have background information on your company and who you are!
    Look forward to meeting you at the convention!
    Ellebelle Soaps & Crafts,LLC

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