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Bramble Berry Inc. offers more than 2500 soapmaking products, including fragrance, soap molds, packaging, essential oils, lip butter flavorings, herbs, botanicals, cosmetics and much more. They also offer a comprehensive line of colorants.

Contact: Anne-Marie Faiola

Phone: 360-734-8278

E-Mail: info@brambleberry.com

Visit them at www.brambleberry.com.

Member since 2006. HSMG Member Discount: 5% off fragrances and plastic molds

Southern Soapers is a supplier of ingredients and fragrance oils for the discriminating soap crafter and small soap business serving all over the world through their online store.

Contact Kelly Bloom – Phone: 757-224-2439


Stop and see them at www.southernsoapers.com

Member since 2005. Member Discount: $5 off $100 orders w/HSMG208 at checkout.

Shay & Company, Inc. is a distributor of a wide selection of oils, butters and soap making products, including many types of vegetable oils, a full line of liquid soaps, several types of melt & pour bases and a selection of exotic butters that can be used in all types of soaps, toiletries and skin care products. Be sure and visit them at www.shayandcompany.com.

Phone: 503-653-1155

E-Mail: wshay@teleport.com

Member since 2002.

From Nature With Love – They are a wholesale supplier of natural and complementary ingredients used in skincare, hair care, aromatherapy, massage, spa, herbals, soap making, potpourri and candle making. They also offer packaging, equipment and accessories. Over 1,750+ products. Be sure and visit them at www.fromnaturewithlove.com

Contact: Devjani

Phone: 800-520-2060

E-Mail: information@fromnaturewithlove.com

Member since 2001. Free Preferred Customer Program saves 5% in addition to HSMG 5% discount.

Mold Market – Mold Market designs and manufactures high quality plastic soap molds for all occasions. Their multi-cavity custom molds designs are suitable for hot and cold process soap making, melt & pour soap making, candle making, and ceramic crafts. They have customer personalized mold and soap supplies, too. They are committed to providing their customers with a diverse and growing selection of quality molds at affordable prices. Visit them at www.moldmarket.com .

Call Nouveau Designs business office at (810) 750-1406, Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 5 PM EST

Supplies by Star – They are a one stop shop for soapmakers and carry Oils, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Goat milk Powder, Sodium Hydroxide Potassium Hydroxide, Soap Molds, Colorants, Lotion Base, Clays, Pumice, Body & Bath Glide, Velvet Glide, Pro-Gel Base, Arrowroot Powder, Citric Acid, and Boric Acid among other things. We have a very large assortment of soap molds. Visit them at www.suppliesbystar.com.

Phone: 817.475.6961

email: star@suppliesbystar.com

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