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Angela Buckley, an engineer by trade and environmentally conscious consumer by passion, founded Celtic Naturals in 2009. As a mother, triathlete and professional, it was difficult to find affordable, natural skin care products. She founded Celtic Naturals after years of being exposed to chemicals and realizing that despite precautions, her skin still reacted to them. She also noticed a trend of product lines referred to as “natural,” when components of the product weren’t; in addition to some natural-labeled products that hadn’t taken into account the larger carbon and social footprint, such as shipping, production of essential oils, and similar pieces of the production footprint.

So Angela founded Celtic Naturals, which delivers great soaps and skin care to its customers, along with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.  However, Celtic Naturals offers more. By visiting the education page, readers can learn more about the soapmaking process and have other questions answered about natural skin care.

Angela’s Milestones: She said “In less than one year, I’ve introduced more than 25 products to the market. I’m currently retailed online and in 2 stores. This week I was named the Official Soap of HFP Racing. Podium finishers for the Girls Tri Too series will be receiving a bar of Celtic Naturals Sport Line soap along with their medals.”

From Angela’s education and work experience, she knows the importance of assuring consistent product quality. Safety is her number one priority. As a single business owner, her systems are in place for an entirely different reason. She said “Where before I wrote job instructions so everyone would do it the same way every time, I now write job instructions for myself. They keep me honest, they establish trust with reporters, bankers and my customers. My documentation is not nearly as extensive as it was when I worked for large manufacturing companies, but certainly sufficient enough that when the day comes for me to hire an employee, they will be safe and provide a consistent quality. I look forward to that day!”

Angela intends to be a full time soapmaker. For now, she currently uses her other skills as a consultant to develop startup capital while this business grows. Angela found the HSMG online. Certainly as a starting point, she found insurance was a great point and was very grateful for the list of vendors. It made her start of the development much easier.

Angela suggests to have fun. Persevere. Read and try. Read and try again. Start by selling to your friends. Unless you are an accomplished entrepreneur, start slowly. Rely on friends and family for support, advice and help. Label chemicals clearly and store them safely.

Today, she focuses on continuing her education about natural products and how they support skin care, and smarter natural skin care processes. She and her husband live in Dublin, Ohio, with their son.

Contact Angela at angela@celtic-naturals.com.

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