February Membership Drive

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Board Members Cathleen Timberlake and Maria Gelnett

Thinking about joining the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild? Now’s the time!

February is the month of our Annual Membership Drive, during which you can earn DOUBLE golden soap bubbles AND special prizes. Any member who refers 5 or more NEW members will receive a free membership for their next year (a value of $100, insurance not included). Additionally, any person who joins or renews in February will be entered into a drawing for a free membership their next year (a value of $100, insurance not included).

The Annual Membership Drive starts at midnight on February 1st and runs through midnight on February 28th which is also the last date to get the Early-Bird Rate for the 2010 Conference. Don’t miss it!

Tons of benefits! Check them out!

Membership Benefits

Product Liability Insurance

Soapmaker membership in the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, Inc. automatically includes $1 million product and general liability as part of the membership benefit. The insurance is effective immediately upon receipt of dues and processing of the membership. See the Insurance FAQ for detailed information about the insurance.

International Members: The member benefit insurance is only available for soapmaker within the United States; for soapmakers from other countries the insurance is excluded from the membership and the membership price adjusted accordingly.

Existing Insurance Coverage: For soapmakers who already have product liability insurance, the insurance portion of the membership may be waived and the membership price adjusted accordingly.

Member Forum

The Member Forum is place where members can exchange information, ask questions, keep up-to-date on HSMG goings on, find out about activities, discounts, product information and more. The advantage to a Member Forum is that unlike a “Yahoo Group”, the information is stored permanently so there is a searchable history.

The Handcrafted SoapMaker Subscription

The Handcrafted SoapMaker is the quarterly journal of the HSMG. There are four issues per year, each packed with information and articles helpful to soapmakers, vendors and members. One 32-page color issue is published (2nd quarter) and the other three issues are black and white.

Member Resource Library

The Member Resource Library is a library of information, articles and references of value to soapmakers and those in the industry. All manner of information is stored, including study guides for the Soapmaker Certification Program. The Resource Library is an on-going accumulation of pertinent information.

Soapmaker Certification Program

All members have the option to participate in the Soapmaker Certification Program. There are 6 certifications available: CP/HP Soapmaker, CP/HP Advanced Soapmaker, CP/HP Master Soapmaker, MP Soapmaker, MP Advanced Soapmaker and MP Master Soapmaker.

Referral Program

The HSMG Referral program is in development. Once completed, Members will receive credits when they refer other soapmakers or vendors to join the HSMG. Referral credits may be used toward membership dues, conference registration, advertising or HSMG merchandise.


eNews issues are sent by email to members to keep them up-to-date on news and activities of the HSMG.

Advanced Lye Calculator

The HSMG Basic Lye Calculator is in development for members and non-members in the “Industry” portion of the website. Within the Members area, an advanced lye calculator, will be available that allows the soapmaker to set more detailed information about his/her recipe and the specific oils used.

Conference Registration Discount

Every year the HSMG has an Annual Conference. Conference attendance is open to both members and non-members. Members receive a discount on the registration fee and are also eligible for an “Early Early-Bird” special registration price.

Conference Vendor Table Discount

Vendor, Dual and Corporate members can receive a discount on a Vendor Table at the Annual Conference.

On-Line Soapmaker Roster Listing

The On-Line Soapmaker Roster displays in the public area of the website and is a way for soap consumers to locate soapmakers by their company name, state, country or type of products. Listings include the company name, website, city-state-zip, and a brief description. There is a “More Info” link which takes the visitor to a detail page displaying more information and contact information. Soapmaker, Dual and Corporate members may have a listing included in the Roster.

Soap Gallery

The Soap Gallery displays images of soap made by Soapmaker, Dual or Corporate members. In order to have an image included in the Soap Gallery the member must also be included in the On-Line Soapmaker Roster. All images are linked to the Soapmaker’s information and/or website. Images display based on what listings are displayed; if no images exist for those listings (or no listings are displayed) then 6 random images are shown on the page. Soap Gallery images are always shuffled and displayed randomly so one member is not always shown in the same location on the page (giving fairer exposure to all).

On-Line Vendor Listing

The On-Line Vendor Listing displays in the industry area of the website and is a way for soapmakers to locate vendors by their company name, state, country or type of products. Listings include the company name, website, city-state-zip, and a brief description. There is a “More Info” link which takes the visitor to a detail page displaying more information and contact information. Vendor, Dual and Corporate members may have a listing included. When displayed to non-members, those vendors who offer a discount to HSMG members are marked with a star; when shown to logged-in members, the listings include the actual amount of the offered discount and the code to access it..

Personal Listing Page

Members who have a listing included in either the On-Line Soapmaker Roster or On-Line Vendor Listing may choose to upload their own personal page which will display instead of the generic detailed information when the “More Info” link is clicked.

Sales Leads

The HSMG runs magazine ads in national magazines promoting handcrafted soap. In addition to directing the reader to the HSMG website (where they can view the On-Line Soapmaker Roster and Soap Gallery, readers may fill out a card requesting more information. The HSMG receives the names and addresses of the readers who want more information. They can be downloaded by Soapmaker, Dual and Corporate members who can send information to the requesters.

Public Info Requests

On the Find a Soapmaker page, there is a form that a website visitors can fill in to request specific information. Often they ask for soapmakers who can provide a particular type of soap. These “Public Info Requests” are published in the Members Area and Soapmaker, Dual and Corporate members may respond to them directly.

The Handcrafted Soapmaker Advertising Discount

Vendor members receive a 5% discount on any advertising placed in The Handcrafted Soapmaker.

Monthly Promotion Email

Vendor, Dual and Corporate Members may contribute ads and specials to be included in a monthly promotional email sent to all members.

Listing in The Handcrafted Soapmaker

When a vendor, dual or corporate member joins or renews, their name will be included in the next issue of The Handcrafted Soapmaker.

Blog Spotlight

Each vendor, dual and corporate member will be featured in a spotlight post on the HSMG Blog.

Bi-weekly listing of Vendor Specials

Vendor, dual and corporate members may submit specials to be included in bi-weekly listings which will be announced through all HSMG social media (blog, Facebook and twitter).

Right to Vote

The HSMG Annual Membership Meeting is held during the Annual Conference every year. All members may attend (whether or not they are attending the conference) and all members have the right to vote on issues presented at the Annual Meeting. The senior managing body within the HSMG is the membership and it is through voting that the membership expresses how the HSMG should be run. The President and all members of the Board of Directors are elected by vote of the membership. The membership also approved major policies and activities of the organization by voting.

Right to Serve on a Committee

All members have the right to volunteer and to serve on a Committee if they so choose. The HSMG has 6 standing committees: Member Services; Membership (procurement); Marketing; Conference; Finance; Policies, Procedures and Bylaws; and Ethics. In addition there is currently a Certification Committee.

Right to Serve on the Board of Directors

The President and Board of Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting and serve for two year (staggered) terms. Any member may serve on the Board of Directors so long as they will have been a member for one year upon taking office (July 1st after the election).

Associate Members

Corporate Members have a Primary Member and are allowed up to four Associate Members. Associate Members have all general membership benefits, with the exception of separate listing in the On-Line Soapmaker Roster Listing or Vendor Listing and the right to vote (both of which are reserved for the Primary Member).

Patron Benefits

A Corporate Member receives all of the benefits of the Patron Level Membership, including a 468px x 60px banner in any of their listings, inclusion in the Benefactor List and special discounts. (See Benefactor Levels for more information on Patron level membership.)

Priority Placement of Ads and Banners

Corporate Members get priority (top) placement of banners on the Benefactor List, On-Line Soapmaker Roster and On-Line Vendor Listing. Ads in The Handcrafted Soapmaker are also given priority placement.

Branded Lye Calculator

Corporate Members may have a version of the Lye Calculator branded with their business name and a special link that can be used by their customers to access the branded lye calculator.

FREE Conference Registration or Vendor Table

Corporate members receive one FREE Conference Registration or a FREE vendor table at the Annual Conference.

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