Columbus Foods! Awesome Platinum Conference Sponsor!

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Columbus Foods is a Platinum sponsor for our Denver Conference this year and the HSMG is thrilled!

Columbus Vegetable Oils began in the mid 1930’s as “Eagle Can Company” and then became “Columbus Packing Company” when a shortage of cooking oil became an opportunity during World War II. The name “Columbus”, as in Christopher the explorer, was selected to represent the Company’s Spirit and leadership in the early vegetable oil industry. The current President, Pualette Gagliardo, is a direct descendant of the original father and son founders and she ensures that their vision continues to be reflected in the Company’s mission.

The Director of Specialty Foods, Mike Lawson, says Columbus Foods offers a full line of oils especially for the soapmaker and has a special soapmaker’s page for ease of ordering. They offer oils in smaller quantities for the hobby soapmaker all the way up to large quantities for the full scale professional soapmaker. Their website includes soap recipes, an SAP calculator and helpful links to other websites.

Mike stated that he is an accomplished soapmaker himself and can answer any question that comes his way regarding soapmaking. He and his wife, Melinda, learned soapmaking from Deana Gentle of Gentle Ridge Emu Products and Jill Sidney of Iowa Natural Soapworks and fondly remembers the early days of the HSMG and their involvement in its conception. Since then he has taught soapmaking himself and still does in a sense when he assists his customers with their soapmaking dilemmas.

Mike told us that Columbus Foods was named Saponifier Magazine’s Supplier of the Year for three consecutive years. Mike joined the HSMG in 1999 and was made a lifetime honorary member in 2006. He said Columbus provides oils to buyers throughout the world and strives to offer the lowest price possible for the best quality.  Did he say great customer services as well!

Columbus Vegetable Oils/ Soapers Choice

30 E. Oakton Street

Des Plaines, IL 60018

Contact: Michael Lawson

Phone: 800 322 6457 x

Fax: 847 257 8870



Specialty Oils for Soap and Toiletries, Vegetable Glycerin M&P Soap Base, Exotic Butters Low Prices, Top Quality, Quick Shipping. A Family Owned Business.

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