HSMG Partners with Clean the World!

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HSMG Partners with CTW!

Over 9,000 children will die today! With your help, we can reduce these needless deaths dramatically by donating something as simple as our soap. Clinical studies have shown that the simple hygiene practice of washing one’s hands with bar soap can reduce these deaths by up to 60%.

The HSMG invites our membership, as well as non-members, to join in our support of the Clean the World, Inc . Clean the World (CTW) is a non-profit, charitable organization that recycles soap, shampoo, and lotion discarded by hotels and distributes the recycled products worldwide to people who cannot afford these essential items. It is our pleasure to work with CTW and help to prevent disease throughout the world. HSMG and CTW are extremely grateful to you for any amount of a soap donation or monetary donation.

Here is how it all began.   Clean the World Presentation

Together we can make a difference in the lives of people who really need our help. Why not send your soap that didn’t come out so perfectly? You know, the so called “ugly” soaps that are still usable can be donated. Even the old or soap ends are accepted. The soap is rebatched and purified at CTW before being sent overseas. Another way to donate is to couple with others or organize a soap drive.

Just ship your much needed donation to:

Clean The World

Attn. Steve Cooper

4625 Old Winter Garden Rd. #B7

Orlando, Florida 32811

Please enclose a note in your shipment that you are participating in the HSMG Soap Donations Program and let us know when you ship, mgelnett@soapguild.org , so we can recognize you for your generosity.

If you choose to do a monetary donation, just click the donate button on their website, www.cleantheworld.org  , every $1 donation will recycle two hotel rooms for an entire month. That equates to 40 bars of soap and 40 bottles of shampoo that will not hit our landfills and water systems, but instead supply 5 needy families with a life saving necessity for ONE MONTH.

Shawn Seipler – Executive Director reports

Dear friend,

Today in Haiti a terrible tragedy struck. Just ten miles from the most populous area near the city of Port-au-Prince a powerful earthquake devastated the country. The government of Haiti is calling it a catastrophe and reaching out the world for help.

As you know Clean the World has been working to continuously deliver soap to Haiti through the Cap Hatien Health Network and the Evangelical Church of Haiti. We have made many friends and connections throughout the country. We are now hearing terrible stories of tragedy and death from these friends.

We knew the need was great before, now the need is greater than ever. In the coming days and weeks, aid will start to reach Haiti and Clean the World is determined to be there. We have soap ready to go. We need cash donations in order to deliver it to those that need it so badly. Some will deliver medical aid, some will deliver food and water, with your help Clean the World will deliver soap. This soap will be critical in saving lives.

Please go to our website and donate whatever you can. www.cleantheworld.org

Thank you. And pray for our bothers and sisters in Haiti.


Immediate update as of 1/13/10:

We cannot reach any of our friends in Haiti. Pastor Brutus will update us as soon as he can get through. This is a terrible disaster. Haiti does not have California style building codes. The need for aid will be monumental in the coming weeks. Many will focus on food, water and medical attention. Clean the World is focused on soap. Without soap, many will die from preventable illnesses. We have stores of soap ready to go to Haiti. We need your cash donations to get the soap delivered. Please go to www.cleantheworld.org  and donate whatever you can. And please pray for the safety of all our Haitian friends. Thank you.

Please consider helping us save the lives of children all over the world! Together, we can make a huge difference in this life saving element that can change history. Any questions, please contact Board of Directors, Public Relations Director, Delores Harris at deloresh@soapguild.org .

15 Comments on “HSMG Partners with Clean the World!”

  1. HSMG Board Member Feliciai Favroth has already donated 70 lbs. of soap

  2. http://www.cleantheworld.org/haitiEarthquakeNews.asp Updates here!

    Donations from:
    Allison, Inseine Creations Bath & Candle Co. 33 lbs. of soap!
    Candy Sweeney NaKee’ Natural http://www.nakeenatural.com
    Nichole Gabriel Fullearths, Etc. is a tiny start-up, but we want to, and need to, help. We will be sending 1 large flat rate box full of soap.. and whatever funds we can scrape together to help with transporting.. ”
    Delores Harris Owner, Daisy May Natural Soap-Donated $ and sending a box of soap.
    Lovena Harwood-East Coast Tropics sent off 19lb of soap to the Clean The World!
    HSMG Member Meredith Bretz sent a box of soaps to Clean the World.
    http://www.handmadesoapcoach.com/ LaShonda Tyree sent a box of soaps to Clean the World.
    http://sarvasoap.com/blog/?p=695 Michelle Gilbert, Sarvasoaps kicks it up to a 40 lb donation to CleantheWorld.org.
    Jamie Cafaro Lovern, Lola Blue Living, so far has 23 pounds of soap ready to ship to Clean the World.
    Diana Thompson Packed up one large flat rate box today and more tomorrow. Harmony SoapWorks is happy to send soap trimmings to a good place. ”
    In order to keep you up-to-date attached is a video blog with updates on exactly what Clean the World is doing, the amount of supplies received and sent, and how your financial contributions are being sent.
    http://www.cleantheworld.org/donate-soap-and-shampoo.asp donation points
    Thanks to all for your compassion.

  3. I sent a box of soap to Clean the World today. about 10 #

    Susan Linares
    Naturally Handnade By Susan

    I just sent out my soap donation. 45 bars of the Tres Spa Enchanted soap and two bags of bits and ends. Thank you for sending out the call for action!

    Janice Summers
    Tres Spa Inc., artisan handcrafted bath and body products.

    Hi HSMG,

    I was so glad to learn about the Clean The World Foundation and their mission to recycle soap and other hygiene products for use in Haiti, the U.S. and other countries where they are sorely needed.

    Today, Dirtyface Soap Company shipped our first donation of 35 pounds of handcrafted soap to the Clean The World Foundation.

    In my cover letter to them, I noted that Dirtyface Soap Co. participates in the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild’s soap donation program. I hope that many HSMG members will participate.

    As do so many HSMG members, we also donate soap from time to time to local homeless shelters; in our case, the Portland, Oregon metro area.

    Thanks again for letting us know how we can spread the suds!

    Best regards,

    JoAnne Somers
    http://www.dirtyfacesoap.com info@dirtyfacesoap.com
    PO Box 1153
    Welches OR 97067-1153
    Phone: 503-622-3649 Toll-free: 1-866-622-3649
    Personal E-mail: jsomers27@msn.com

  4. Hi Marie & All Soap Guild Members!

    I am getting my box ready to go to Haiti this week. I contacted the company just to make sure my donation was going the correct location, and I learned that they just moved. Here is the email from them with the correct/current address as of 1/20/10:

    HI Lori, Thank you so much for reaching out to us and expressing your desire to donate your soap to our cause. I am glad you emailed me because we are currently moving to our new facility as of yesterday! Here is our new address to ship your donated soap to:

    Clean the World
    8026 Sunport Dr. Suite 306
    Orlando, FL 32809

    Take care, Paul Till, Managing Director
    Clean the World, Inc.

  5. Thank you so much!

    I am also glad to be able to help get the word out.

    Such awsome work that Clean the World does, with a humbling and precious cause!

  6. Thanks, HSMG for the information on the Save the World program. 16 pounds of soap is on its way, and now I have additional room to cure new soap – some of which, I’m sure, will also be headed to the program in the future.

  7. This past week, I shipped out 33 pounds of soaps to Missionary Flights International to go to Haiti, and 16 pounds of unwrapped soaps, lotions and body washes that went to Clean the World. It was so exciting being able to help the people of Haiti in some tangible way. I ask you simply to pray for those who will be receiving our products, the doctors who are treating the injured and sick (and may use our soaps to clean their hands) and those from these organizations who are working so hard to ship and distribute the many donations. I blogged about it at http://sarassoapsnsuch.blogspot.com/2010/02/soaps-and-lotions-for-haiti.html.

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