HSMG Partners with Clean the World!

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HSMG Partners with CTW! Over 9,000 children will die today! With your help, we can reduce these needless deaths dramatically by donating something as simple as our soap. Clinical studies have shown that the simple hygiene practice of washing one’s hands with bar soap can reduce these deaths by up to 60%. The HSMG invites our membership, as well as … Read More

Member Spotlight – Melissa Flick, Where Organic Meets Sassy!

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Since 1998, Melissa Flick, BodyBalms, had been crafting basic melt and pour soap for a few months, selling it to co-workers and experimenting with lotions/balms from recipes found in a magazine. While learning to make cold process soap at a home class, she was nervous and a tad intimated of terms like trace, lye, and saponification, just like many of us … Read More