Vendors! Expiration of the special Early Bird Rate for Vendors is Jan. 31

Don’t Miss this opportunity at the Annual Conference in Denver!  Every year the HSMG has an Annual Conference open to all soapmakers and vendors (members or not). The 2010 Conference will be in Denver, Colorado at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center on April 30 – May 2, 2010.

Vendor Room Palm Springs

Talking to other soapmakers, vendors and suppliers face-to-face is one of the many benefits of coming to the Conference. No where else do you get such an intense interaction with others who share the same passion and are willing to impart what they know.


The in-between time on the agenda held break times that included an opportunity to relax, regroup, talk to friends and meet with vendors. There were breaks and snacks between each of the session slots.

Don’t delay, contact to get signed up!

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HSMG Partners with Clean the World!

HSMG Partners with CTW!

Over 9,000 children will die today! With your help, we can reduce these needless deaths dramatically by donating something as simple as our soap. Clinical studies have shown that the simple hygiene practice of washing one’s hands with bar soap can reduce these deaths by up to 60%.

The HSMG invites our membership, as well as non-members, to join in our support of the Clean the World, Inc . Clean the World (CTW) is a non-profit, charitable organization that recycles soap, shampoo, and lotion discarded by hotels and distributes the recycled products worldwide to people who cannot afford these essential items. It is our pleasure to work with CTW and help to prevent disease throughout the world. HSMG and CTW are extremely grateful to you for any amount of a soap donation or monetary donation.

Here is how it all began.   Clean the World Presentation

Together we can make a difference in the lives of people who really need our help. Why not send your soap that didn’t come out so perfectly? You know, the so called “ugly” soaps that are still usable can be donated. Even the old or soap ends are accepted. The soap is rebatched and purified at CTW before being sent overseas. Another way to donate is to couple with others or organize a soap drive.

Just ship your much needed donation to:

Clean The World

Attn. Steve Cooper

4625 Old Winter Garden Rd. #B7

Orlando, Florida 32811

Please enclose a note in your shipment that you are participating in the HSMG Soap Donations Program and let us know when you ship, , so we can recognize you for your generosity.

If you choose to do a monetary donation, just click the donate button on their website,  , every $1 donation will recycle two hotel rooms for an entire month. That equates to 40 bars of soap and 40 bottles of shampoo that will not hit our landfills and water systems, but instead supply 5 needy families with a life saving necessity for ONE MONTH.

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Member Spotlight – Melissa Flick, Where Organic Meets Sassy!

Since 1998, Melissa Flick, BodyBalms, had been crafting basic melt and pour soap for a few months, selling it to co-workers and experimenting with lotions/balms from recipes found in a magazine. While learning to make cold process soap at a home class, she was nervous and a tad intimated of terms like trace, lye, and saponification, just like many of us were. The first time she saw trace, she was instantly in love. She now calls it the start to her “addiction”. The teacher gave Melissa a bar scented with sandalwood essential oil and that was it, she was hooked. She now realizes that was a defining moment that would change her life forever.


Soap integrates with Melissa’s work and lifestyle, being an organic vegetarian, buys local and fair trade and lives simply and responsibly. Creating healthy, handcrafted and natural soap just seems like an extension of what she stands for. As an RN, she knows that basic hand washing and hygiene go a long way to stop the spread of illness and disease. She states, “It really seems simple to me, soap, its something we all take for granted, something that can save peoples lives, something that women everywhere can be taught to make with a few supplies, a bit of education, and hope.” Continue reading “Member Spotlight – Melissa Flick, Where Organic Meets Sassy!”