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Lisa Tarris

Lisa Tarris

Seascape Soap Company was born after a chance visit to a local art and wine festival. It was there HSMG Member, Lisa Tarris purchased her first bar of handmade soap. Since then, she has spent untold hours researching a variety of soapmaking methods and ingredients, all with the goal of creating bath and body products everyone will enjoy.

The best part about creating her own soap, Lisa has found, is knowing what’s in it, and better yet, what’s not in it! One of her highlights in talking to customers is discussing the benefits of handmade soap versus commercially-produced soap.

Lisa Tarris - Seascape soap - Lavender

Lavender Soap

Being an extreme bath and body product junky, Lisa is dedicated to making the best bar of soap possible. It wasn’t enough for her to stop there, however. That’s why she packages all of her Seascape Soap products using recyclable and/or biodegradable materials.

Sea Scape Soap

Seascape Soap for HSMG Ads

Lisa’s husband, Trent, offers an endless supply of encouragement for her thoughts and ideas. Serving as the Company’s photographer and computer whiz, he can even wrap a mean bar of soap when orders need to be fulfilled.

While Lisa works toward her long-term goal of turning her soap- making hobby into a full-time career, she is selling her products through an Etsy shop at and will be launching her own online store,, in the near future.

Thank you Lisa and Trent for the beautiful soap and professional quality photography that will be in the HSMG‘s 2010 national magazine advertising benefiting all members.

3 Comments on “Member Spotlight – Lisa Tarris – Seascape Soap”

  1. I have tried these soaps and the bath bombs and love them! The bath bombs leave your skin so silky and soft, and well moisturized which is something you don’t often get!

  2. Beautiful soap!

    And I am enthused about the wrapping of the soaps in recycled and/or biodgradable materials.

    And I give a hand to Lisa’s husband, Trent, for being such a helper. We can always move ahead in life without the support of others, but having that support is so very beneficial (and loving).

  3. My husband Charles and I are very fortunate to have received a very thoughtful gift of soap and body polish bon bon. So far I have saved them to admire the design and wrapping of each. We can enjoy the scent right through the beautiful packages. My new year’s resolution is to open them and enjoy them so that we are prepared to order some more for ourselves! These products will make wonderful gifts for others, too. The Tarris’ are obviously very talented and professional and I feel privileged to be introduced to their products.

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