Delores Harris, Daisy May Natural Soap Joins the HSMG Board

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The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild is pleased to have Delores Harris, owner of Daisy May Natural Soap, Brooklyn NY, join our Board of Directors. She is organizer of the Brooklyn CP Soapmakers and has been a member of HSMG since June 2003. Delores has been an attendee of the HSMG Conferences since 2006.
When Delores was about 8 or 9 years old she would watch her Grandma Daisy make soap (hp) in her backyard in the spring and fall. Delores would sometimes get to stir and would always ask,” is it soap yet?”

Quite an impression it made on her but it wasn’t until years later in 1997 that she made her first batch of lavender. She was using Yardley Lavender soap, but then found Barbara Bobo’s, Lavender from her Woodspirit Soap Co. When that was gone her tight and itchy skin told her to get more Woodspirit’s Lavender and of course, the problem cleared up. She thought that if Grandma Daisy could make soap so could she.

A library book on natural cosmetics and Sandy Maine’s, The Soap Book assisted her in making her first batch of lavender. It turned so good she made oatmeal, peppermint and went crazy experimenting with essential oils.

Her family and friends thought she had lost it because soap was curing all over her apartment. Once she gave it away, they were hooked, too.

Continuing with a soapmaking class at The Learning Annex, NYC, an instructor advised Delores on how to get into business. Researching online, she came across the HSMG and realized that the very person whose soap she had been using was the HSMG President, Barbara Bobo! It was meant to be! She joined and named her business Daisy May Natural Soap in honor of her grandmother.

Delores sells CP and HP soap at a local Farmers Market, a few stores and online. She also gives soapmaking demonstrations and classes through the Brooklyn CP Soapmakers group. Look for Delores on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and her Blog, Daisy Soap Girl .

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